Roon 2.0 Build 1348 Issues

Using my Dell laptop as client and connected to Roon Nucleus, I clicked Update all. The Nucleus updated with no issues, but the Dell laptop required a reboot before it updated.

Next, I switched to my Mac Mini server and updated. This time, I saw it said to relaunch, so it was updated with no issues following the relaunch.

Perhaps, the Dell had the same message and I missed it, IDK.

Good News: I was able to backup my Dell and Mac Mini with no problems. I’ve never had any problems backing up the Nucleus.

EDIT: Updated two iPads and iPhone using TestFlight with no issues.

No issues here on Mac, ROCK, iPhone, iPad

Was there an update to Roon sever/core as well? Mine is still showing build 1311

There was already a 1321 before the current one, and now as well. See the current release notes:

Two issues: when downloading (from My Stuff/Settings/About) Roon crashed. I closed out some windows and then found this one:


After saying okay and rebooting, no more real problems, except that Roon no longer displays the “Running” dot beneath its icon, see below:

Again, nothing fatal, just atypical. FYI. (Running 14.1 Sonoma on a MacBook Pro)

I believe 1311 is the current production version. 1348 is an “early access” version.

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I have early access enabled on my linux server.
My Windows control point updated but not my server/core.

Something isn’t right because early access went 1310 > 1321 > 1348:

1311 was only available in production releases:

Smooth update on Windows 11 (the previous one wasn’t)

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You could try quitting Roon, remove the start icon from the dock, start Roon again and keep the new icon in the dock. Maybe the dot comes back.

I’ve seen great improvements in performance and memory usage on both Roon and ARC. With Roon server running on Ubuntu 23.04. Really hope it stays this stable :+1:

Is it normal on iPhone (15 Pro Max, iOS 17.1) that the top space in the sidebar is so big? Looks oversized but I haven’t had the iPhone for long. Or something missing?

Now that you mention it, it does look oversized but I really don’t know if this is any different from previous releases.

Mine looks the same. I don’t use my phone much (iPhone 12Pro) as a Roon remote, so I don’t remember if it’s always been this way or a recent change.

It’s not like this on Android phone

IPhone XS

Regular release looks same to me on iPhone 13, just another irregularity with Roon Ui I guess.

Why is this an issue? How anal are we?

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Well, it needlessly forces list items at the bottom out of view.
And it’s simply ugly and obviously wrong, even though not a critical issue

Plus, UI design is an anal profession to begin with.


Subjective I think. It’s fine for me and easy enough to drag up and down if necessary. Also, things aren’t bunched up and crowded.