Roon 2.0 Core no longer displays in WebView?

I have custom remotes on an iPhone and iPad, with a panel that displays the Roon web display in a WebView control. Or at least it used to… After the 2.0 update it no longer works. The webview shows blank (not even the Roon logo) and the device doesn’t appear as an available display in the zone popup.

The port is the same and I can use Safari to open the URL from the same devices, so it isn’t an access or routing problem. Core is running on a Mac Mini/Catalina.

Ok, a fair amount of my post is incorrect. It turns out that my active remotes work just fine, and the displays do in fact show up in the zone menu. But what threw me was the following:

  • I have test iPad on a more recent iOS version with a more recently built version of the remote software. Its WebView only shows the Roon logo and doesn’t show up in the Roon displays list.
  • I ran it through a proxy and I see the request to /displays/ being made and a 200 response, but the page stays static (and again, doesn’t appear in the Roon zone displays)

So it seems possible that instances of newer iOS WebView versions might have a problem?

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