Roon 2.0 isn’t supported in iMac, iPhone remote has updated, now I cannot connect


My iPhone seems to have updated to Remote 2.0, and I just get a message saying my Core is incompatible and needs an update …

I can’t update as it’s on a 2011 iMac which doesn’t support the MacOS version reqd for 2.0

Anything I can do? Can I downgrade my iPhone Roon app? (Have tried deleting the remote and reinstalling but just the same)



Thanks for the reply advising that there is still access to Roon Remote (Legacy) for my scenario …

Still doesn’t work unfortunately

It looks as though you haven’t downloaded and installed Roon 1.8 (legacy) on your Mac mini…

The link is in the migration FAQ referred to earlier.

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That works :slight_smile: many thanks!

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