Roon 2.0....M1 iPad Remote will not function

I got my Core updated but my M1 iPad simply will not update. One Screen says I have the latest version and another screen says it needs updating. No amount of of re-boots even come close to fixing it.

It’s simply a huge mess…from a set up that never had problems…I actually have Roon ARC on my iPhone but still no use of my iPad to control my main system…not sure why I have installed one update when the remote control won’t even function…

After several re-boots of all my Roon Devices and Deleting the Roon App on my M1 iPad…then reinstalling it…setting it back to Dark mode…and what-do-you-know…,…It’s all working!

Thanks again Roon for the best Music playback system in the world!

If I got nothing at all, at least I have my dogged persistence to lead back to sanity…:slight_smile:

All I had to do - go to the AppStore on my iDevice, search for Roon Remote, select it and click the “Update” button.

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I wish I did that from the get go…Just got bnack from the grocery store and Roon Mobile sounded excellent in my Truck…a 2018 Tacoma…It sure blows iTunes away for sure…I’m thinking I can just delete iTunes from my iPhone now?