Roon 2.0 to various Sonos One speakers glitches regularly over Sonos protocol

Got it - so they’re being identified as the legacy devices even though they were all upgraded to S2 software.

I’ve also just tried enabling the Arc in audio, and setting all the Sonos devices to 16-bit. I don’t really care about bit rate/depth for these secondary rooms TBH; redbook is fine.

Still no luck. Getting late now so I’ll come back and try any other suggestions tomorrow. Appreciate all the help @kitated and @CrystalGipsy

Also putting this here as I’ve reached the reply limit for day one as a new user so blocked for 21 hours. Sigh.

What does the signal path in Roon show? How’s your processing speed?

Well, well. Gareth Jones is here. Welcome!

Unfortunately you aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last, Sonos user to wrestle with Sonos networking which only gets worse when you add Roon to the mix.

These fine folks are giving you good advice. One point of note, which you’re probably already aware of, is that when you run in SonosNet mode and have just a single Sonos device wired, the SonosNet mesh is essentially hanging off of that one wired node. When you wire multiple devices, you’re effectively connecting the entire SonosNet mesh to each wired node. This creates cycles in your network. Sonos tries to help by manipulating your switches using spanning tree protocol. In my opinion, this is nasty stuff which predates the modern world of robust home networks. You can choose between somewhat lousy tradeoffs.

I’ve been using Roon for a couple of years and have gradually come to realize that I like Roon enough to move off of Sonos. As you’ve seen with your Bluenode, RAAT devices work very well. BlueOS devices network in a sane manner - you plug them in or you connect them to wireless. No mesh, no nonsense.

I’ve got unused Sonos gear that I’m about to put on fire sale including 4 Ports. If you want to try swapping your Connect for a Port, I’m sure we can work something out. I may also be willing to chat with you face to face depending on the outcome of the game that’s starting right now :slight_smile:

Good luck with all of this and I’m happy to help if I can.

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I’ve flipped all my Sonos devices to ones that support AirPlay (thanks Greg!) and I’m a happy camper now.

I’ll periodically come back and try Sonos streaming (as it was all working solidly pre 2.0 on the same network) but it’s no longer critical to me.

Thanks for all the help and education folks.

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So glad you got it sorted and nice to see you! :slight_smile:

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