Roon album suggestion algorithm

Every popular music streaming service offers suggested albums based on your listening habits and what’s popular amongst listeners. This is a very powerful tool to discover new music, a killer feature done well by streaming services.

Roon currently is relying solely on Tidal and their own algorithm to create music discovery beyond your own library. Tidal, however is a completely different company and Roon shouldn’t put all their eggs into that one basket. Plus, I’ve heard Tidal’s suggestion is not very personalized (I don’t know, I use Roon but don’t subscribe to Tidal). If Tidal goes out of business or too many Roon clients do not subscribe to Tidal, Roon is at risk of losing the battle for other streaming services, which are good at making music discovery a breeze and exciting (Spofity being the best at it, as it seems).

I’d like Roon to create its own algorithm to suggest other albums based on my own listening habits within my library and what other Roon clients that own that same album also listens to (in a similar style). As it’s not a streaming service, Roon could then offer the possibility for their clients to listen a sample of the tracks of the suggested album and also a link to acquire that album in a partner store (or look for it in Tidal). If a sale occurs, Roon takes a cut from the referral, the client buys a desirable new album and a store makes a sale. Everyone is happy :smile:

it’s on the roadmap… :slight_smile:


Great news!

Have you also planned a function to alert a user when a new album of an existing artist is released?
Keep up the great work, really looking forward to all the coming releases in 2016 :slight_smile: