Roon Album Tags


Why does the below screenshot not have any tags? This album was released yesterday, could that be the issue?

If an album does not have all Roons extra metadata on release will it auto populate as it becomes available?

Thanks guys.

Yes, very probably.

You may have to re-identify the album. Just wait a couple of days and then have a try. I had a similar issue about two weeks ago and that’s how I solved it.

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You don’t need to do this. It should just happen over the next couple of days.

Note that manual identification will prevent automatic identification in the future.

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This seems to have implications? Such as, I would never know if Roon has finally got better metadata for an album that I have had to manually identify in the past?

Hi @joel,

in some rare cases this doesn’t happen automatically - even if a user DIDN’T manually identify the album. As I said, I had a similar issue about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what album it was.

I also have had problems and sometimes no automatic updating has taken place after some months. The problem then is that I either update to get the data - and then I’ll never get an automatic update, or wait and wait…

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I have used the manual re-identify but kept it’s current section. Can I leave this to Roon to sort out? Will it keep my play stats?

If your album is (manually) identified to Roon metadata X, if metadata X improves, your library will get the updates.

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I’m sorry, I’m confused. First you say that manually identifying prevents auto identification in future, then you say if metadata improves I get updates.

Sorry to be an awkward so and so but can you elaborate please?


@joel. Ahh. Getting my brain in gear. Do you mean that my connecting an album to a particular release is now set and Roon will not change it, but if the metadata for the release improves then I will get it?

That’s right. Metadata improves as we ingest it from our providers and as we make improvements to our metadata service.