Roon album tv display style

I am using ipad /macbook for roon control , I have apple tv 3 , I like to display the album cover on TV when I am listening . I use airplay now. But Is that a better format to dipaly album info in roon ? so it will looks better on TV ( or even vu meter style)?

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What a coincidence. I was just thinking about this but then with a little twist.

I am missing the onscreen visual and info from my apple TV when I use the Node 2 as endpoint. My TV now just shows the name of my receiver in black and grey colors. It would be nice if roon could send album sleeve and album info to a (TV) screen.

I don’t know if this is possible or how this would work, but it would be ‘insanely great’. :wink:

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In my home “theater” (it’s not), I have my AV receiver setup so that the audio input is from my DAC and the video input if from my AppleTV. That way if I choose to mirror my iPhone/iPad/MacBook to the AppleTV I can see the entire Roon interface.

Maybe it’s not exactly what you were looking for and it does require a receiver that allows you to mix’n’match audio & video inputs, but it works well for when I want to have the TV screen display related info. It really helps when there are others sharing in the experience as well – they can read the artist/album info and even read lyrics. Best of all, the audio quality is not compromised and I can fully enjoy hi-res, MQA, whatever without AppleTVs audio limitations.

The downsides: a) the TV can take away from the “listening” experience (in which case I can simply choose not to mirror my devices), and b) it tends to create multiple back seat drivers if there are others in the room (same fix).

Still, it would be nice to have the option of what you are describing as well.

I don’t know the possibilties of the apple tv device but if it can run a browser just go to , fill,in the name of your lastfm account (assuming you have one) and e voila, full screen album art with artist and song title.