ROON Albums - Do you add MULTIPLE versions to your library?

I own 4-5 various DACs between my home & office. With the exception of occasional, pure portable use with UUAP, I use ROON 95% of the time to play my encoded CDs, a few HiRez purchases (no longer BUY such products), and Tidal & QUBOZ.

Question: Does anyone else, after locating an album you love, add multiple versions of said album? Say 48/24 to 192/24 to same but with MQA also? In other words, am I wierd to “Add To Library” in ROON different encoded album versions of the same album? My logic is that I have 5-6 different DACs attached to 9 or so different endpoints including, CC AUD, OPPO, Meridian I & II (MQA), Parasound & McIntosh DACs, yada yada.

I’ve had ROON for over a year, absolutely love it, and don’t listen to music without the ROON APP unless, as mentioned, I’m going portable with my Android S5 & S8 & my OPPO HA2. So I’ve picked up habits admittedly that may be odd and I’ve certainly not got into the weeds of configurations of DSP to room correction to many play lists.

Yes, it is quite common to add multiple releases or versions. I often add multiple versions even when I have an original CD release.

I then group alternative versions together so I only see the album once. Finally after listening I decide which is the primary version, i.e. the release I prefer.

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