Roon and Amarra sQ+

I have a dedicated (older) MacBook Pro i7 -16GB Ram -(512 GB-SSD for system and Software, 2TB HD for Music (internal-I replaced the DVD/CD player drive with an OWC HD. My output is Amarra (Sonicstream) (Amarra EQ is turned off)and I think it sounds great.
Am I getting the best out of Roon? I could also go system out direct - Toslink out to Toslink preamp in (older MBP had Headphone/Toslink out. Not the newer ones (headphone only)

Thank you for any advice.

For best results, use CoreAudio rather than System Output. Roon will take control of the audio device, whether the MacBook or a connected DAC or headphones.

Thanks, Martin,
I use a newer laptop for Audio out. Older Mac for Roon Core.
Both computers are connected to the Ethernet on the same Ethernet switch (unmanaged)
I do not have CoreAudio as an output option on my Computer Sound Output options ?

Core Audio is MacOS; that’s all you mentioned.

Take a look at these articles.

Many Thanks.

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