Roon and Audiolense standalone new convolver

Hello, i use HTPC with jriver and Audiolense New Convolver as output, in a Stereo multiway setup (12 channels) with crossovers embedded in Audiolense XO filter
For stereo sound, if i send audio from Roon to jriver,

The source is shown as 16 channels, i have to setup 2 channels and retoute audio to the convolver in order to make it work
Roon is set as stereo and only channels mapping

I would like to stream directly to the convolver, without Having to use jriver, but it doesen’t work since also by convolver the source is detected as 32 channels


As i know the ASIO protocol goes like this:

  1. The host (e.g. Roon) asks how many channels are available - as well as a few other capacities and capabilities.
  2. The sound card (virtual or real) gives the appropriate number. Audiolense convolver always says 32.
  3. The host (Roon again) asks the sound card (ALC) to create buffers for the required number of channels. On stereo playback that number should be 2 and not 32. And on e.g. 5.1 playback the number should be 6, and so forth.

so why Roon books 32 channels when only 2 will be used? could You change that?


Hi Guido, you have to add @support to your post if you want to make sure that Roon staff looks at your problem…

Hello @guido_rosario_singar,

Could you provide diagnostic logs using the “Option 2” instructions here?:


Thanks problem has been solved by Audiolense convolver new release where to specify Max channels Number to be used