Roon and AudioNet - when will they play nicely together?

Hi - Is anyone using roon and AudioNet?

I see the * next to native roon support for audionet meaning ‘coming soon’, I’m thinking of tracking down the DNA 2.0 integrated can roon support AudioNet streamers yet?

Options I’m currently looking at:

AudioNet DNA 1 (streamer & amp in a box)
AudioNet DNA 2.0 (streamer & amp in a box)
AudioNet DNP and 2 x AMP Streamer/preamp & 2 x monoblock amps)

Thanks in advance!

Roon does not support upnp and I don’t believe there are plans to, you could always connect an Allo device which would pass the analog or digital signal to the amp.
Or wait for their Roon integration.

Are you sure? roon works with my Devialet Expert 220 Pro (with or without the CI update) roon has the Devialet AIR driver built in so have native control of the amp. I have roonserver installed on a QNAP NAS which is directly connected via ethernet to the 220 Pro.

Is something similar planned for AudioNet ?


The UK distributor for AudioNET tells me that the ifi iPurifier2 is a device that will allow a QNAP NAS to connect to an AudioNET DNP. they retail for around £119.

He also tells me that AudioNET currently has no plans to allow a native connection without something like the iPurifier2. He tells me he received this information at Munich high end hi-fi show 2018 while visiting the AudioNET stand.

The UK Roon distributors tech help tell me that the Roon Nucleus+ communicates with basically any USB DAC. Where it works best is when the device is Roon Tested – but that’s not essential. So adding a Roon Nucleus+ to your system should allow an AudioNET DAC to work simply as a USB DAC for the Roon Nucleus+.

In the unlikely event that the AudioNET DNP does not accept a USB output from Roon Nucleus+ the last option is to convert the Nucleus+’s HDMI output into another digital signal that the AudioNET will accept, such as digital co-ax.

Hi Gary,

My DNA 1 arrived today. I can confirm the QNAP via USB out into the DNA’s USB Audio 2.0 works without the iPurifier2 in the chain; IE a direct connection. No need for any kind of driver or device, it simply appears as an USB endpoint and is RAAT compliant.

I have also setup Audionet’s ANx streamer software and can confirm there is absolutely no difference in sound between the two inputs, which both (ethernet or USB) come from the same server.

I may well try the roon Nucleus or a high-end server like the new Antipodes EX model.

Happy days! - all works perfectly :slight_smile:

Hi Raj,

Thanks for letting me know, some real world use is always the best test. Good to have a definitive answer!