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I use BackBlaze B2 to store all my music and would like Roon to access them. Backblaze is currently available through NFS which I think is not supported by Roon - I use Mountain Duck.

Does someone know how I can see my FLAC files from Roon?

I suggest you get yourself a local storage solution, a cloud based storage isn’t very established and will likely cause anomalies. You win twice by having a synchronized local backup as well, given you can/and do enable synch.


Mountain Duck mounts your B2 bucket as a local volume, so I don’t see why this wouldn’t work (here I am assuming that you are running your Roon Core on MacOS). I’m not sure what NFS has to do with anything. That said, I can’t imagine why you’d want to do this–as Mikael states, a local storage solution would be far more robust and reliable, and local storage is dirt cheap.

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Thank you. Yes, Roon Core runs on MacOS. When I read the information about the volume that I see in the Finder, it says ‘nfs://…’. The issue I have is that I cannot see the volume from Roon when i want to add a new files location.
I understand the easiest is to go for a USB3 external hard drive with, I suppose, some raid capability.

My apologies–you are correct. I thought that these MacOS cloud utilities (I use CloudMounter, which is similar to Mountain Duck) took care of all the cloud stuff in the background to create something that really looks and behaves like a local volume to the OS–this is certainly how they are marketed. However, it appears that what they ACTUALLY do is simply automate the setup of NFS shares. Roon only supports SMB/CIFS, so that’s why it can’t see the B2 share.

There may be a way to accomplish what you want to do, but I’d question whether it’s worth the effort given that local storage is what Roon recommends.

Hi @Pierrick_Guinguene,
As this is not a supported Roon environment I’ve moved your this topic over to #tinkering so you can continue to get help from the community.

You might try S3FS instead of CloudDuck:


Backblaze B2 costs nothing to upload and there’s a cost for storage, however downloading from Backblaze can be very expensive. I wouldn’t recommend it as a viable cloud storage to stream from.

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I’ve just checked the costs for B2, It’s only 1 cent per GB currently. I’m sure it was more expensive than that last time I copied my data from it!

The thing to watch out for when using B2 as a locally mounted filesystem are the API calls. It’s quite possible (if not likely) that the costs associated with the API calls might start to become a sizable percentage of the total B2 cost.

Pricing details are here: