Roon and Bryston ...blind love or vendetta

I am so sorry that but I have to say; I bored Roon’s “desperate” and “unsolvable” messages…

Sample answers for simple question…

I did not talk about Cern test…or Quantum physics…
Problem is simple:

I am using BDA 314…my core is MAC
I have got very speed internet connection…
I can listen 192khz/96 kHz music with my Brtyston interface…
But ROON does not work…
same message: qobuz slow…or tidal slow…


Is your Mac on wireless?

yes…My Mac on wireless

Your Core is on wireless. Is the BDA 314 on wireless as well? If so, the Tidal/Qobuz stream has to make wireless three hops!

  • Internet > Router
  • Router > Core (first hop)
  • Core > Router (second hop)
  • Router > BDA 314 (third hop)

That can definitely cause issues, especially with 24/192 content which requires 3 concurrent wifi streams of about 9Mbps each. Even if the BDA 314 is wired, you still have 2 hops.

It is highly recommended to wire your core to the router.

… getting the best out of your Roon experience:

  • Your Roon Core should always have a wired connection

Network issues are my estimate of your problems. Core needs to be hard wired for sure.

I have two BDP-2s and a BDP-1 and a good mesh wifi network. Most stuff is hard wired via ethernet cabling. Things work well.

My core is wired, but all my endpoints are on WiFi. No dropouts even when upsampling in Roon to 24/705.6 or 24/768, both local library and Tidal.

thank you answers…:slight_smile:

You might also want to check your DNS settings in your router. Using Cloudflare ( or Google DNS ( and could help speed up Roon data fetches.