Roon and car audio

Anybody tried running Roon in the car? I am currently tinkering with running Roon Core on an old Macbook connected to the car head unit and using either an iPad Mini or an iPhone as a controller. The Macbook lives under the front seat and operates lid closed ( NoSleep app ) and the tablet or phone are mounted on the dashboard. Main reason for trying this is the Roon interface…all the car interfaces I have seen are useless for finding music files without the danger of driving off the road. The Pono player sounds great plugged into the Aux socket on the head unit but the screen ergonomics are marginal in that environment…anybody else tried anything like this?

Please don’t try this. There are way too many options on Roon screens with smallish target areas that it would be way too difficult to navigate whilst driving. You need a much simpler interface with fewer bigger selection areas for this.

Just setup a few playlists on your pono and start them at the start of your journey. If you really need to change it on route pull over somewhere safe.

P.s. Don’t anyone consider a simpler interface for this use a feature request please please…

That’s why there’s Apple Carplay.

Currently, Roon doesn’t support Playback on iOS devices. Further, users cannot cache tracks from Tidal or their own library using Roon.

Maybe in the future we’ll see audio in iOS w/ Roon (thru Tidal). Any Android users try this feature in the Car with, say, a VPN and cell data?

AND… Just maybe, we’ll see a Roon app for Carplay.

The best car “Apple” solution is to get Apple Music and an iPhone 6S. “Hey Siri, play…”