Roon and current audio world trends & use cases EDIT: multich rant :)

(Daniel Beyer) #2

I guess one answer is to keep you current video/amp and then get a great quality 2 channel amp with Home Theater Pass-Through.


How about a Peachtree Nova 150/300?

(Daniel Beyer) #4

Well, I did just buy a Nova 300. But, there are many amps with HT Pass Through and I’m not sure what his other needs may be.

(Ron Kuper) #5

Already have a nice mch power amp (Emotiva XPA-5) so in my case buying another Amp to connect a dac is not ideal

(Ron Kuper) #6

Perhaps I should have opened a separate thread for the rant :slight_smile:
Original Intention was to have a discussion about how ppl use Roon and all the latest gear and get inspired :unicorn:

(Daniel Beyer) #7

Well, my PS4, Cable box and HT Computer are all connected to my TV’s One Connect Box via HDMI and then I send audio via Toslink to my 2.1 Amp. My HT Computer also runs Roon and is connected to my amp via USB directly ( if I want to use the amp’s DAC) or via USB to a Schiit DAC which is then connected the amp via RCA. I also have a Logitech Squeezebox Classic 3 connected to the amp via Coax SPDIF. With the HT Computer I control Roon via mouse/Keyboard on a 55 inch screen (my preferred method as the HT Computer is also running HQPLayer) and if I don’t want to bother with that, I run Roon via the Squeezebox and control with tablet or phone. That way I can run Roon with or without the TV being on.

(Ron Kuper) #8

Thanks for sharing, nice flexible setup!

One Connect Box is interesting, just for Samsung though from a quick search?

(Geoff Coupe) #9

Um, have you read this thread? Touches upon your discussion topic, I think…

(Daniel Beyer) #10

Yep. It is a great idea and other manufacturer’s should really pick up on it. I’ve upgraded the box at least once to add HDR and HDMI 2.0 connects. One thing it does is really help with cable clutter. I can keep the One Connect down with the other video devices and use short HDMI cables; thus only having to run 1 cable up to the TV.

(Ron Kuper) #11

Well, thank you!

Browsing through that I think I’ve found the best candidate so far to replace my current processor (UMC-200)
in terms of price/SQ/features -

Funny it’s a “Disc Player” but I’ve seen many cases of people using it simply as their DACs over the years in various audio forums so I assume it is probably good SQ wise (esp. with the ESS Technology ES9038PRO DACs ).
I kind of ignored it just for the disc player part… I hate redundencies in my gear :stuck_out_tongue:

The scoop for me is that the UDP-205 is:

  1. RoonReady
  2. Has network connectivity (both RJ45 and WiFi) --> Server / Roon core in another room is supported (assumed)
  3. Has HDMI inputs --> ‘PS4 in multi-channel with the same system’ use case is supported
  4. Has USB inputs --> Theoretical SQ improvement over HDMI, ‘Using Roon with HQPlayer’ use case is supported

Reasonable cost compared to other options.

Oh crap. USB and Network only support 2.0ch :frowning:
For me that excludes stereo content as well since I do Room Correction in software so the channels are upmixed to 2.1 before leaving the PC.

(Anders Vinberg) #12

Funny, I had been thinking the same thing, mostly to reduce box count.
I have a lot of Meridian boxes, originally to support HT, but I gave up on multi-channel: very little music other than classical available in multi-channel, and I don’t watch many blockbusters.

And I found subwoofers unsatisfactory, woofed a lot but lost clarity and precision.

If God had intended us to use more than two speakers…

(Ron Kuper) #13

lol let’s pray together :slight_smile:
Dear audio gods… show us the path to audio nirvana

I listen a lot to bass heavy, electronic music and I find it more enjoyable with a good sub, even with hi-end-full-range-floor-standing fronts.

So I need multi-channel for all content… otherwise I would have probably given up on multi as well.

It now just hit me - It’s probably the thinkings of audio chiefs at manufacturers “Audiophiles listen to Jazz and Classical music”… Subwoofer is not desired for stereo Jazz/Classical content where recorded physical instruments and vocals need to be reproduced… hence no need for multichannel in non-HT systems…

…Or am I stretching it?

Anyway, I’ll say it loud and proud - I’m a Techno loving aspiring audiophile!

…Oh, and also plays console games :stuck_out_tongue:
And watch Netflix in 5.1… from my i7 PC I’ve build in a silent HTPC case right there in the living room with no classy wood furniture it would be a crime putting another big box of gear on :slight_smile:

So yeah I want that in the same system without compromising on SQ and eliminating from choice the complete field of component DACs since only 3 (!!) support multi-channel and none support connecting a frigging PS4 alongside in full 5.1 :microphone:

(Ron Kuper) #14

Also that :nerd_face: :rofl:

(Ron Kuper) #15

I wrote to OPPO 2.5 hours ago (great service guys!) and this is what the customer service say:

There is no much of an audio difference using HDMI versus the Asynchronous USB. Asynchronous USB will be cleaner, have less jitter, and will be reclocked within the DAC, but the overall performance is not likely to be substantially better than HDMI.

Hear that, exaSound!

I think miniDSP is closest to providing this but they are all about… well… DSPs… In order to do quality high-end room correction, eq, etc while sacrifying res (96kHz) out of power necessity… and justifying that with saying RC is a substaintially more important factor… Well Duh! That’s why we do RC on a PC and getting to ridiculously high res doing that.
I wish them or someone with their quality value approach would cater the software purists market.
If they’ll make a device to allow that in 5.1 plus extra HDMI inputs and without limiting DSPs (we have PCs for that) I bet it would be a hit!

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #16

Anders - have you tried a REL sub? It’s quite a different approach and much tighter to the music, especially if you wire from the amp as preferred by REL.

I love the Steve Wilson remixes of all the 70s and 80s Prog and now XTC! The Talking Heads DVD-Audios are also really fun. There are also all of the quadraphonic conversions and DTS-CDs out there. It’s still a novelty but there is actually a fair amount of multichannel audio if you get obsessive enough. I probably have about 400 titles - mostly rock.

I can’t tell from a quick Google - does this preamp have an analog multi-channel input? Then you can run it through the Emotiva, although I doubt it would help the sound. There are some very good multichannel preamps that have analog 7.1 inputs that you could run it through and then you’d be able to keep your other gear hooked into that as well.

(Ron Kuper) #17

Me too! And his own surround stuff and also porcupine’s 5.1 releases!

You’re right that’s probably a good option technically.
Although I would be paying a lot just to get another electrical device in the signal path taking an additional space on my rack.

(Anders Vinberg) #18

I’m sure there are better subs than what I have had.
But I am a big believer in phase and timing accuracy, which we have discussed at length in these pages (MQA, DSP and elsewhere). Have been since I built my own sub and single-pole crossover in 1970. And since with a lot of different speakers, some time-aligned, some not. And I finally concluded that a separate sub will always be difficult to time align, and I decided to stop my amateurish experimenting and pay a professional to do it right. So I got Meridian DSP8000SE, which contains six woofers driven by three amps and DACs and a DSP engine.

I’m happy. I have other rooms with weaker (and cheaper) systems, but in those I have prioritized clarity over depth, because for serious listening I have the big system.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #19

I will have to defer. I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing a system like that. Of course even a REL sub would just adulterate your sound. Maybe someday…

(Ron Kuper) #20

These are amazing!
Joining @James_I in “someday” wishes.

(Daniel Beyer) #21

I’ve heard them several times. The last was during an MQA dog and pony show.