Roon and CXN/DSD disappointment. DSD suggestions please

You are right, my Win 10 laptops do not have the same issue with USB 2 that I have with Linux.

However this doesn’t solve the DSD issue of the thread. Room will still pass 192 and not native DSD that the OP was after


Have you set the CXN to use DOP in Roon? With my Chord 2Qute Roon defaults to PCM so I have to change the settings.

As mentioned, native DSD isn’t possible on MacOS because it needs the ASIO drivers. That’s why Roon does the conversion. However, DSD Over PCM should work and I suspect that’s what Audirvana does.

But yes, you can buy Roon ready DACs. @wklie has posted a link already.

It shouldn’t unless the driver is mis-reporting it’s abilities. If you are talking about native DSD as opposed to DOP, then that is something different. The problem is in this instance we can’t offer any advice or assistance without the CXN in front of us.


Did you already heared back from CA wrt their USB 2 support on Linux?

Not yet, I was a bit slow doing it … oops


@Mike_O_Neill, do you have a DSD file to try with the CXN? If so, what do you have DSD Playback Strategy set to?

Why is everyone obsessing over DSD playback when it has been documented earlier in this thread that the CXN just internally decimates to PCM? Any on screen indication of DSD means nothing in that case.



It it decimates well, it is still worth having.

Good luck finding the means and metrics to determine that inside effectively a black box.

The Roon 64 bit floating point DSP pipeline is likely to be implemented as well as or better than equivalent processes in off the shelf components. The Roon guys certainly will argue that.

The takeaway is to configure Roon to decimate DSD to PCM. It is going to happen either way.


The Cambridge Audio DACs are pretty good so I wouldn’t be too worried about it. There are plenty of very good DAC’s that accept DSD but do their work in PCM.

Maybe I’m a bit thick but this is all doing my head in!

I understand that isn’t possible for Roon to play DSD on CXN even though CXN can play DSD files but is there anyway I can disable AIRPLAY?
Even my hi-res FALC files are convert down when I play any files to my CXN using Roon from my any of my 4 Mac devices in an ethernet wired network and wired connected CXN. I cannot get my head around that it seems that regardless of the hardware MAC devices will always play via AIRPLAY and therefore no matter what that hardware only 44/16 is possible.
Is there any way to connect a MAC device to ROON networked core that doesn’t use AIRPLAY?

You can partially get around it by creating a Roon end point with a Raspberry pi and Ropieee and feed the CXN with USB

But as we’ve seen the USB output from Linux will only work with USB class1 , not 2, that gives at best 24 / 96 , better than AirPlay but not as good as some of your source files no doubt

I sympathize but I think that’s the best you’ll get with the CXN unless CA fix the Linux thing then you should get 24 / 192

A RPi costs around $100 , Ropieee is free. From this forum


Correct as it’s not a Roon Ready device, Or he could connect directly CXN to one of the Macs using a USB cable, activate USB Class 2 and DOP. This is how I have used Roon for months when I discovered it before buying a Pi + HAT.

You can get fully around it by using a low power Windows end point. Load RoonBridge onto it and your device drivers and you have native DSD into the CXN USB port.


I’ve read nothing conclusive confirming your assertion that Roon can’t play DSD (over DOP from MacBook to CXN using the Type B USB input) or anything above 44/16. Indeed @Julio alluded to this approach early in the thread and has confirmed it more recently.

You have me beat … I’m throwing in the towel!

I thought I’d mentioned in earlier post. I connected my Mac Laptop to the USB at the back of the CXN , set USB 2, with a audio USB cable attached. DSD files were down sampled and don’t not play as DSD files using Roon as the player software.

I’m disputing or trying to find a way for the CXN, Roon Apple combo to play DSD (DSF) files - it simply isn’t possible.

What I would like to know is can airplay be bypassed when using Roon and Apple devices over a network. I’m interested in buying an upgraded Roon Ready DAC network player (Chord Hugo 2, Lumin D2 or similar quality) and this forum seems to be the only place where I might find out if I can use my Apple devices over my network with one of the aforementioned DAC/players wired to my network and amp and use Roon (on my phone, iPad, laptop, desktop) and not be downsampled by Airplay and perhaps play DSD.

Thank ps Henry

Thanks Jules , this hasn’t worked for me. Regardless it kinda defeats the purpose of using Roon on my network as attaching the Mac to the CXN Physically ties me to the unit and in that case I use a HDD on the front USB using CA app on my phone and it plays DSF.
Basically I’m annoyed I’ve wasted my money on Roon for a year!

I don’t know the CXN and I’m not a Mac user, but this whole conversation baffles me. There are lots of Mac users on this forum, and they do not get downsampled by Airplay.

It isn’t about DSD, or real,y about the CXN either.
Maybe you should start a new thread reframing the question so you can get some Mac advice.

What baffles me is the focus on DSD, because we know that the CXN converts DSD to PCM internally. So the DSD-PCM-conversion happens in any case, if not in roon, than in the CXN. What’s the point in feeding it DSD at all?