Roon and Dante Virtual Soundcard

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Does Roon on Windows play nice with Dante Virtual Soundcard?

What does the Roon signal path show? Does it show a lossless (bit perfect path) when all DSP is turned off?

And can Exclusive Mode be used?

Thank you !

I am doing a test run with Roon on my Dante based system which uses Dante Virtual Soundcard. Roon does not seem to recognize it, possibly because it bypasses Windows Sound?

My purchase of Roon will probably be based upon getting this to work so Support feedback would be great.


I was able to get it working and is now recognizing Dante.

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Nice. Can you share what Dante gear you’re using? And your full chain?

Is it max. 96kHz supported via ASIO?

I got Roon working with DVS. I think that is more of my learning my way around Roon than a technical issue. I am running Roon Server on Windows Server 2012R2 with the Windows Essentials Media pack installed and my music stored locally on an SSD. I am using the most current versions of RedNet Control and DVS and have sample rate following enabled. DVS using ASIO sends audio to my Rednet D16 which supports 24/192. The path shows as lossless and ASIO is exclusive by default.

The “fix” was that I decided to add Roon Bridge to my headphone rig which has it’s own PC audio server but uses a USB output. In the process I found the audio settings on my iPad and realized that "Dante Virtual Soundcard(x64) was indeed showing up there. Once chosen, and a couple of choices made, it just worked. I can also now play to my headphone rig using the files on my other server so I may disconnect the SSD on the HP system once I compare audio streamed vs local. Sound quality is equal to JRMC or slightly better.

Now if Qobuz will release their US version which they said will be capable of Roon integration then I will be set!

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