Roon and DCS Vivaldi

I’ve purchased a DCS Vivaldi DAC and want to know if I can connect the Vivaldi DAC directly to Roon via USB. The Roon literature states that that Vivaldi DAC has been Roon tested. However, Roon also states that the DCS Bridge and Vivaldi Upsmapler are Roon ready. What is the difference and do I need to purchase a Bridge or Upsampler.

Roon tested means it works with Roon via USB, confirmed by Roon themselves. Roon Ready means a Roon core would see it across the network. USB should be fine for the Vivaldi.

Hello @Ben_Weinstein,

“Roon Tested” is our program that tests USB DACs for Roon compatibility as well as automatically configuring the best USB configuration parameters for the device.

The dCS Vivaldi DAC is a Roon Tested device, meaning the USB connection should work great with Roon.

To clarify about the “Roon Ready” program… “Roon Ready” is our networked protocol that allows Roon to play to the device over a networked ethernet or WiFi connection.


So all I need is to install Roon on my mini mac server and connect the server to the Vivaldi DAC and I will have a full featured Roon system?

Hello @Ben_Weinstein,

As long as your Mac mini meets our minimum requirements you would be good to go.


The difference is very simple:

“Roon Tested” means the device has been tested to work with Roon. For example, if you connect your Vivaldi to your mini via USB, Roon will see the Vivaldi and it will all work. Do remember however that you will have to go to Roon setting and enable the device.

“Roon Ready” means the device implements a RAAT client and you will see it over the network and be able to play to it, which is what you can do with both the dCS Network Bridge and the Vivaldi Upsampler.

Regardless, if you connect your Vivaldi to your mini over USB, it will work just fine.

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