Roon and HQP not working

Please help!
my system is late 2012 i7 mac mini 16gb RAM USB out to pre multi-bit 2013 Schiit Gungnir DAC
Ihave a new WD sata 2TB harddrive in the Mac mini with over 1TB still available
I have latest version of HQP and ROON
OS X El Capitan ver 10.11.4
I can not get any sound even tho the little blue sound bars are moving and the signal path is blue diamond throughout and i have the HQP box checked
I have removed and reloaded ROON and HQP several times
I have rebooted the Mac several times
Still no sound and ROON play bar is not moving yet the HQP sound bar is ???
What am I doing wrong?
this has worked sporadically in the recent past

Check through these guides Robert:

If you are still having problems after that, post again and we’ll get the Support devs to investigate.

Thanks andybob- went to both those sites did all that was suggested still no sound thanks anyway will await other people you said would contact me
ROON alone is still great but when I auditioned HQP last year I thought SQ was great even tho Ididn’t understand quite how to use all the features
Thanks again

Hi Robert,

Let’s check a few things. If we can’t track it down I’ll shift this thread to the Support section for investigation.

Can you play from HQP without Roon ?

Can you play from Roon without HQP ?

Are Roon and HQP running on the same machine ? If not, then you will need to tell HQP to accept network control (last icon on the HQP icon bar).

What address are you using to point Roon to HQP ?

i sent you a detailed response and the answer i got was that you didn’t exist
how do i reinstall ROON without having to repay for my current resubscription which i renewed on 5 sept 2016

I come and go. I find full time existence a bit draining :ghost:.

You can send a personal message on the forum by clicking on an avatar and then Message, but it will be better to respond in this thread so Support can see the information you’ve already provided.

You can install and uninstall any of the Roon software elements without affecting your subscription account.

First thing to do is backup your database. Remember to exit Roon to do this.

Then uninstall Roon from your Mac mini.

Then reinstall Roon from the downloads page.

Then restore your database from the backup.