Roon and Jriver audio engine integration

I am using Jriver 21 for a while and now discovered the nice features of roon, which I became member of.
I would urgently need some features of Jriver and could do so by using their audio engine in between roon and the DAC.
Is there a way to do this?
For the curious; one of the features of jriver is transpositon of tonal height without chaning speed. So I can convert all music based on 440 Hz a transparent with the original 436 Hz Mozart used.
Another feature is the DSP room equalizer built in jriver, which I did not try yet.
Would be happy to add this features to roon!


If you’re on Windows, JRiver exposes WDM and ASIO drivers–you can pick those drivers in Roon’s audio settings and pipe Roon’s output through JRiver to get access to their filters.


This might not be the place, but can you tell us how you did this in Jriver please ?



Thanks for your reply!
Does roon have an own audio engine as well?
If yes, what does it do?
Do the two engines combine well?


In Jriver, select options
select DSP Studio
select speed and (Tonhöhe in German, sorry)
change slider to -0,02 (this means 2% deeper)
this changes sound of “Kammerton a” from 440 Hz to 432 Hz approximately (its clearly hearable)

Have fun

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One more question:
Which driver is better: Asio or WDM?
I use a Mac Mini 2,5 GHz with Bootcamp and Windows 7.

I looked into the seetings of my system:

there is a
JRIVER Media Center 21 Output in the Output settings
as well as a Resonessence Herus Output (this is my DAC)

If I choose JRIVER Media Center 21 I can no more select the Herus and so the sound is silent.

How can I cascade the JRIVER Media Center 21 and the Herus?


I personally think ASIO sounds the best.

I think you would set Roon to use the JRiver ASIO and then set JRiver to use the Herus DAC.
The chain would be Roon > JRiver > Herus.

I’ll test it out tonight using JRiver and my DAC to make sure.

Thanks for the hint, Daniel
Now things get even more complicated:
In JRiver I can select the following options for Herus:
Kernel streaming
Direct sound

Which one to choose??? (no Asio in this case)


Thanks ! Never knew one could do this with Jriver.
For your info : there is a short thread on this on Interact.

The main thing is they say to use -0,1818. It will be truncated in the UI, but they use all the decimals for the conversion.

I would never have looked there without your input.


Hi @Max_Moser,

Fascinating information about tonal height and historical tuning, thanks to you (and @Georgethesixth) for posting.

The syntax @Rugby will set a notification for Daniel (in the same way as the notification from my use of your username above) so that he sees your question.

I don’t have personal experience with JRiver to be able to give your a recommendation myself, but I expect that other JRiver users on this forum will be able to assist.

There is also some information about DAC settings on the JRIver Wiki and there may be more regarding each setting in other sections of the Wiki and on the JRiver forum.

I’d also encourage you to listen to each alternative setting. Ultimately it’s your ears that are the best determinant of the sound that is best for you.

Edit: I’ve shifted this into Software Max as it may benefit from more general discussion amongst users and not require further attention from a dev. Feel free to open a new thread in Support if there is any continuing issue where you would like a developer’s assistance.

When I tried this, I was unable to get it to work. I could select JRiver as an output option for Roon, but when I started a song, both JRiver and Roon would indicate that the song was playing, but wouldn’t move past 0:00. Both Roon & JRiver function separately with no issues.

I’m at work now, but I’m looking forward to giving it another try. Does anyone have any idea what might have caused that behavior?

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@Georgethesixth and @andybob thank you for this hint, I did not know that JRiver also performes pitch changes so accurate!

Continuing the discussion from Roon and Jriver audio engine integration:

I also got nothing but crackles from my DAC after trying to chain Roon, Jriver engine and Herus DAC
Does someone have an idea?

I have been trying this chain for awhile when I sign up Roon few months ago. My purpose was to use the convolution feature in Jriver. Even when I got it working, it’s highly unstable then with MC20. I gave up and purchase AcourateConvolver. And to my surprise, it sounds much better with greater transparency even though I’m using the exact same filters in with Jriver. And the additional candy is that AC works with Jplay. My chain is now Roon - AcourateConvolver - Jplay - DAC. Can’t be more happy with the performance of this combo.


Thanks for this hint!


Hi planner,
I am planning to combine accourate filters and roon. Your chain seem to work. Can you give more details. How did you use the virtual Asio driver of the AcourateConvolver?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi Max

After you have install AcourateConvoler, you will see AcourateConvoler [ASIO] in Roon Audio setup. You just have to choose that option and Roon will stream into it. Please remember that you gotta launch AcourateConvolver before Roon.

Do note that AcourateConvolver needs filters with cpv format. So you need to create them with Acourate Pro under Menu Room.

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Hi Planner,

Thanks a lot! This worked!

I now have to become familiar with acourate. This may take some time. But its good to have now a strategy.