Roon and Jriver

New Roon user and long time Jriver user here, having a problem getting them to work together. Using the Jriver WMD, Jriver v. 20, Roon 1 ver. 30 on a Win 7 i3 machine as core and player. Roon playback is through Jriver in exclusive mode with event driven selected. First, on playback on every track there are a couple of small skips at the beginning, regardless of how I set the timing both in Roon and in Jriver. Second, and more important, Roon intermittently stops playing and all I get is loud static. I have had this error on 2 different machines. Any suggestions?

Why do you want to use two apps at the same time?

Try ASIO to jriver instead. You’ll have to enable it in Jriver first.

Thanks, unfortunately I am using a Baetis Media server which has direct SPDIF output from the motherboard and no ASIO driver. I have tried WASAPI and Direct, both act the same.

I’m confused… JRiver can present itself as an ASIO audio device to Roon just like it does a WDM audio device.

You just have to go into features and enable it. How JRiver talks out your SPDIF doesn’t have to change.

It does show up in the Roon audio menu, but not in Jriver since there is no ASIO driver for the motherboard. It does show WASAPI and Direct Sound drivers in Jriver, just not ASIO.

Your not understanding me at all. I don’t know how else to say what I’m trying to say so I’m going to talk you through it.

JRiver -> Tools -> Options

Choose General from the left side and then choose Features on the right side. Make sure there is a check box beside “ASIO Driver”.

Roon should now see a new audio device J River Media Center 20 ASIO or something similar. This will allow you to play Roon through JRiver using ASIO but still have JRiver talk to your’s mother’s SPDIF out using WASAPI.

I assume you are adding JRiver in the equation for some DSP processing?

When I get it working solidly, yes. I’m most concerned with the intermittent freaking out, playing loud white noise. ASIO is checked in Jriver, but when I select the option Jriver Asio in Roon, it freaks out and gives me the error “Transport: Playback has failed due to player parameter negotiation with the audio device.” Again, thanks for any help.

It seems like roon simply doesn’t get along with jtiver.or vice versa. Don’t bother bringing it up in the jriver forums they won’t help if a third party competing product is involved.

Wait patiently for hqplayer integration to come to roon instead.

Will do. Can’t wait for the awesome metadata integration of Roon to be tied to a great full featured player.

A fix is needed to enable Roon using jriver ASIO driver, currently it errors out.

The WDM driver works for me (and others) though. The trick is updating the buffers. I believe mine are both 10ms.

If you can, let me know your settings. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations, no luck so far. TIA!

Tools\Options\Audio\Audio Device\Device Settings\Buffering = 10ms
-> this sets out to my DDDAC ASIO output to 10ms buffering

Tools\Options\Audio\Advanced\Live playback latency = 50 ms

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

No luck, played with these buffers, still get a couple of skips at the beginning of tracks. More worrisome is the intermittent crashes, producing high volume white noise. Hope someone can figure out what is going on. I see Jriver playing, and it shows Roon as producing the white noise via the WDM driver.