Roon And PS Audio Bridge 2


I recently trialed Roon and decided to hold off until it supported MQA. I only use it as a Tidal front end with very little music on my disk.

But since then it has been announced the PS Audio Bridge 2 will support Tidal so it’s now in play again.

Just want to know how Roon connects to the Bridge 2.

I would like to run Roon on my PC and it wirelessly connects to the Bridge 2 which of course has an Ethernet connection to my router.

Is that how it works ie it appears as an output device in Roon and I simply connect to it?


You can go to the Roon forums and find a lot of information about Bridge II with Roon. I thought the following conversation might be of use, especially the latter half of this thread from 3-Jan to present.


I am rather careful about this sort of stuff.

I am friendly with the dealer that sells PS audio gear and my arrangement is I get it working their first before it goes in my system - no worky - no money. I have zero doubt under that arrangement in consultation with the local distributor they will get it working. I am also friendly with a guy whose day job is installing Hi Fi and HT systems, he is friendly with the PS Audio dealer as well. He will do the installation.

Already I have discovered to get the bridge 2 to work I need to upgrade my DS to Torreys, and I will get the installing guy to do it even though its easy - I have bad arthritis in my knees and he can bend down to insert the SD card which for me would be hard. The dealer can supply me with the card. So that will be the first step.

Then we can see, down at the dealers, exactly how it goes with Roon. Already we know for some crazy reason my computer will not connect to his network, but I have found out his system administrator is a security fanatic and had likely firewalled me out. How we handle that remains to be seen.

I worked as a computer programmer/team leader for 30 years and know, oh boy do I know, these things require being very cautious and careful.


I need to correct myself. I said go to the Roon forums. I should have wrote “go to the PS Audio” forums and search for Roon. On the positive I did provide the link to the PS Audio forum. At least I got it half right. Sorry.

Roon into my Bridge II sounds amazing and has worked like a charm.

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I sorta figured that out. Thanks so much for you input.

My dealer friend got the Bridge 1 but never used it - strange.

The Bridge 2 though I hear is a whole different story. Will see what it does in his extremely revealing system when I get it and its set up properly.

Its a DS into BHK 250 into some amazing speakers he is working on ML5:

Ignore the silly biffo in the thread - it goes on all the time - you get used to it.

I am working with another guy and still others on tweaking that speaker for maximum performance - already discovered some interesting things - despite the hype about Jupiter Copper capacitors the good old reliable Duelund VSF sounded better - strange. Actually this whole hobby is strange in many ways. The main guy doing the tweaking isn’t a huge fan of the DS, as I am, but prefers a DAC he makes himself from those old Phillips double crown chips. Sounds amazing (I have one myself) - but maybe ever so slightly colored whereas the DS has zero coloration I can detect.


I have (had - it’s back in Boulder getting fixed) the PSjr. I have it sit directly on my network via the Bridge II. It worked flawlessly. All my audio though is direct ethernet (CAT-6), nothing wireless except my Roon remote laptops to select my music.

When I got the PSjr I put my Audio Research LS2 back in its box along with the Sonic Frontiers digital frontend, using the PSjr as my pre-amp feeding an old but still very good White Audio 100A (150 Watts/channel Class A amp). The White amp powers a pair of Shahinian Hawks. The Hawks are 20+ years old, they’ve been updated several times by Shahinian for me. I’d say they’re well broken in.

In my home office I have the Mytek Brooklyn hanging off a 2016 Mac Mini which runs the Roon Server software. All music sits on synology NAS. The Brooklyn also doubles as both my headphone amp (Audeze XLC) and feeds a small Parasound 35 watt amplifier which feeds a pair of Klipsch wall speakers.

The Brooklyn, Parasound, Klipsch setup is fun for the home office. Unfortunately I probably listen to this system 10-15 hours for every hour I get to listen to the primary Shahinian setup, but then again I get to listen to my music all day while working. So really can’t complain too much.

Back to the PSjr and Bridge II. It just works is the best description. I never have any problems with dropouts, chatter, clicking or any of those annoyances that people talk about in these forum pages. I think the primary reason is I have everything hard wired with good network equipment and also use dedicated highend server for Roon (the Mac does nothing else but run roon).

You’re probably wondering, why is the PSjr in the shop then? There is (was) a problem with the display - it kept blacking out but the unit would still play. PSAudio told me it was sent out for shipping this afternoon. Any luck and it will be back for the weekend.

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It looks like the way to go with the DS - when it does MQA - even better.

I think my dealer friend will get one, he mucks around with expensive USB cables and re-generators. none needed with the Bridge.