Roon and PS Audio Direct Stream Junior, dropping, hanging up

I’ve had Roon running on my Directstream JR for several months and it’s been 90% stable, infrequent hang ups at times. I’m using the bridge input, wired. Lately after moving my Roon core from my laptop to my desktop its been buggy.It’ll work fine for a day or two and then suddenly freeze up while playing, music may continue playing but I"ll be unable to stop or navigate through a song; other times it’ll just go silent and the zone with the PS audio unit drops off entirely. The only way to get it back is to shut off the PS audio piece and reboot it. I
ve had it running in 24 bit mode and it seemed fine but some articles I’ve read say it should be in 16 bit mode. Doing this appears to downgrade the signal though. What are the optimal / correct settings in Devcie Setup on Roon for the PS Audio DirectStream and what might be causing this instability? Nothing else has changed in my system over the last 6 months and for the most part its been stable to date.


Raise this as a incident under the support category and fill in the required information.

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Systems details of the new desktop and previous laptop should also be provided as one is working better than the other. Networking is also important here as that’s the connectivity detail. Music bit rates etc too. Signal path screen shots and audio device setup shots too