Roon and Qobuz use

Having just started using Qobuz, i was
wondering how people use these two when listening, making playlists, using remotely etc. Which do you prefer for each and what difference does it make in terms of quality and practicality?

Welcome to the Roon community, @Terence_Anthony.

Roon lets you combine local and streaming media into a single library, and many use it this way. In contrast, I use Qobuz for music discovery and no longer add Qobuz to my Roon library. My preference is to add Qobuz albums to a monthly playlist. If I enjoy the music enough, I’ll buy on CD, digital download, vinyl, or a combination, and add this to my Roon library.

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Same as what Martin said for my use. Used to keep
Favourites in Qobuz that would be added to Roons library with my own music. As there is a known issue with Qobuz switching out album versions and not cleaning up old versions so Roon still sees them but doesn’t play them I gave up doing this and also wanted to not rely on streaming for a collection for the same reasons as you just loose albums without warning.

This follows my own feelings although I do tend to end up with stuff I have streamed and probably should have bought (or have forgotten to buy) And what about downloading music from Qobuz if you pay the higher fee; is this worth it in terms of cost benefits and quality?

Downloads are local music in Roon it has no visibility of Qobuz purchases via its integration, they removed it as it caused too many confused customers. I still use Qobuz to try out music I don’t own and stream the odd album I like but don’t need to own, I just don’t keep them as a favourite. I subscribe to Sublime to get the discount on purchases, I wish this was for cd quality and not hires personally as I really don’t hear much if any difference on a good master if it’s hires or cd but if I can buy it for 6.99 as opposed to 11.99 for the cd version it’s no contest really. If you plan to buy regularly then Sublime is worth the extra as it saves you a lot over the year.

Keeping my library almost exclusively to local media, and removing Qobuz entries, has helped me rediscover music I had previously enjoyed. Before stripping out Qobuz, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

If I intend to buy an album, I add the album from Qobuz and add a “wanted” tag. I also add Qobuz versions of vinyl I have.

I also subscribe to Sublime, and would prefer a 44.1 kHz 16-bit tier, as hi-res makes no difference unless the mastering is exclusively available at higher sample rates. When buying, I usually check Sublime pricing with Bandcamp, CD, and Discogs (previously loved CDs.)

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Hello @Martin_Webster,

Did you deactivate Qobuz in Settings → Services?. I did not find a way to leave Qobuz integrated in ROON without “interfering” with the database.

I would prefer to have Qobuz seperated from my own files, if that’s possible. Did numerous searches in the FAQ part and the forum, but haven’t found a solution so far.

The nearest I could get to it was creating bookmarks “Own Albums” / “Own files” excluding Qobuz with “-QOBUZ” to have a quick overview of my files.

No, Qobuz is an integral part of Roon and how I discover new music. However, I choose to not add Qobuz releases to my Roon library. IOW, I don’t have any favorites in the Qobuz app.

If you want to have Qobuz in the library, but also want to see just your local music, go to My Albums, and use Focus. The easiest way is to focus on media location: Qobuz and the negate this, so it’s everything but Qobuz. Finally, bookmark this view.

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I think that’s exactly what I did a few years ago. Seeing your post I thought maybe there’s another way of separation that I’m not aware of. Thanks for clarification!

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