Roon_ and_ Qobuz?

I think Geoff meant that you may choose not to purchase if you see the booklet isnt any good.


I don’t have access to Qobuz, South Africa, but I looked at another classical only service, IDAGIO, it does good things on new releases but everything I have seen there I have found in Tidal, the exception is the “exclusive to IDAGIO “ recordings obviously

Hardly a scientific sample size but so far, Tidal hasn’t let me down on main stream Classical, I am still, it’s the main thing that keeps me with Roon .

My Cambridge Audio CXN streamer now supports Tidal but not so elegantly as Roon

My plan is to use both Tidal and Qobuz Studio for at least a year.
If I find value in both, I will probably keep both.
Qobuz at least lets you pay a reduced fee for yearly subscription.
I listen to music so much each day that the cost does not seem as important.

I’m over Qobuz. They keep promising US but not delivering.

I spot checked their catalog with a US login and they are missing a few things that are available on Tidal and Spotify.

But bottom line is they don’t seem to have the management, marketing, technical or licensing chops to compete. Similar to Deezer.

Maybe classical/jazz fans will see it differently.

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I demo’d both IDAGIO and Primephonic. IDAGIO has a slightly better interface and a standalone desktop app - Primephonic is still a bit clunky and entirely web based. However, Primephonic supports gapless, has more high res content, and seems to have more content including some of the smaller label releases. I would welcome either being integrated into Roon, and would probably go with the one that does, but I choose Primephonic for right now despite its shortcomings.

I tried Primephonic but as ever “not yet I South Africa “, it’s not called darkest Africa for nothing

That’s why I tried IDAGIO, gapless I admit is a showstopper to me so I’ll let it die after the first month

Also so far I have found no way to stream to the main system short of laptop then usb cable to the Dac, not via my core pc so Tidal still looks good to me

That said IDAGIO looks good if it weren’t for the gapless

The genres tab is literally one click away… no Hip-Hop hammering here…

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I did say frontage :wink:

Understood. But I just wanted to emphasise the ‘one click away’… just in case the front page is really that much of a problem for someone…

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Quobuz is currently beta testing in the U.S. so it’s really happening and more music will be added as they finish up their licensing agreements.

Hope you’re right. This news is really great.
Tidal is not as good as Qobuz. More classical, jazz and folk music is on Qobuz.
I will be switching very likely when it will be available.

Hi, why do you think that the introduction in the us also leads to an integration from qobuz in Roon?
Both companies promise already since August 2018 to make progress and a final product at the end of 2018.
Both companies confirm this by personal mail when you ask for the progress they make regarding this subject.
It really would be a win win win for the two companies and their customers.

Roon Labs certainly have not “promised a final product at the end of 2018”.

People have been speculating and hoping that version 1.6 would come out at the end of 2018, and would include Qobuz integration, but Roon Labs don’t give timescales on their releases - they only release things when they are ready.


Hi, I asked qobuz why there is no Room integration, thats there answer:


Our team is working 100% on the update of the Qobuz for MAC&PC application and that of WEBPLAYER-browser on computer. The entire interface has been redesigned, research, discovery and navigation will be reviewed, all to be both more intuitive, more efficient and more enjoyable with availability before the end of the year.

The second step will be to Qobuz offer new features (such as those that you can enjoy in ROON). These features will be offered progressively and directly into Qobuz da natively from power in 2017.

Thank you for choosing Qobuz.

Service Clients | Customer Service
Centre d’activité de l’Ourcq, 45 rue Delizy


How should we explain, interpret this answer? First step is accomplished and 2019 and after that the second step ( the one we are waiting for), in 2020?

And / or does Qobuz work on Roon alike solutions and will there be no integration?

What do you think?

They (qobuz) do not want to allow integration. This was my first question to them. I prefer Qobus over Tidal especially for the quality of their source files and their refined music offerings. My question to them is one year old

Once “2017” rolls around, we will be able to see what their plans are.

That’s a very old reply from Qobuz customer support - they’ve been repeating this text for the past couple of years. All we know (from Roon Labs) is that Roon Labs and Qobuz are talking to each other:

and that at some audio shows recently Qobuz representatives have mentioned integration with Roon. We will just have to wait and see whether this will happen.

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I have a contact at Qobuz and they told me in December that the Roon integration was in beta and that all things being well, they are looking for a January launch. Hopefully we’ll be able to see it in action soon or at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show in Feb.

Roon integration into Qobuz‘ oben app, or Qobuz integration into Roon software? I am a bit sceptic with Qobuz‘ timeline: they promised launching their US launch for a long time, and they haven’t gotten over the beta trial.