Roon_ and_ Qobuz?

I’m beta testing Qobuz in the US it would be nice if it worked with Roon. Why not?


Search is available for all - “roon qobuz” as a search item either here in the forum or in Google might show that is a suggestion a few time already.

I looked at some of those posts. I was hoping that things might change now Qobuz is set to expand to a new and large market. It will be a shame to have to choose between Roon/Tidal and Audirvana/Qobuz.

I think you should read more than some then. Qobuz, according to the threads, have acknowledged that they are coming to roon but in backroom conversations there is no published timescale.
Also I think you will find that those of us in the countries below already think that is a large market.

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • United-Kingdom
  • Switzerland

If you look at the IFIP stats for 2018 the US followed by Japan are almost 10 times as big as all countries you list combined. Look at Google under IFIP. I’m a Brit in LA. All I’m saying is that Qobuz could get a lot bigger in terms of subscriptions. Cheers.

Fair enough but when you read the threads there is a lot of roon will only launch when it is launched in the US like the rest of the world doesn’t matter. Hence the reply, my apologies :slight_smile:
Honestly though it looks like it’s coming but there aren’t definite timescales.
Hints have been given recently to look at gaps between major releases and if you look at
it’s about every six to eight months’ish. Last release May 2018…

In my opinion its the US that shouldn’t matter but as we all know its about numbers and money. The market is big enough to make Qobuz more successful. I say good luck to them and good luck to companies from the rest of the world, like Roon, Tidal, and others.

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Be patient. We’re well on our way (to not mattering)…


Would be great to see Qobuz integrated in Roon. From Qobuz Support I heard they are working on Roon integration but cannot give any timelines. Roon Support confirms this. I think it will make Roon much stronger supporting another streaming service next to Tidal. Customers wants to have a choice, and my choice would be Qobuz as soon as it integrates in Roon, and I will leave Tidal then.

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What would be your reasons for doing this?


The music Qobuz offers fits my taste more that Tidal does. I think Tidal is more for the younger audience. Qobuz offers more Classical, Jazz and Blues music. I’ve been using Qobuz and Tidal both for two months to compare, and when searching my favorites I had more positive hits on Qobuz than on Tidal.

There is a massive amount of classical, jazz and blues on Tidal as well. A few have tested out this and struggled to find something missing part of other streaming services. You can not only look at the front-page of Tidal (it is much more than Billboard, Hip hop and rap).

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I think one of the problems is that qobuz search seems better than Tidal with people saying they have to try a few search techniques to find things in Tidal.
It is unfortunate that Tidal hammers the Hip-Hop frontage a bit too much but then it’s owner…

My reasons are here:

I suspect there might be an additional reason as well: Qobuz offers digital booklets with many of the albums (particularly newer ones) in the catalogue. TIDAL (currently) does not.

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I’ve flip-flopped from Tidal to Qobuz and back, several times in recent months.

I do like Tidal as it does seem to have more of the older titles available and of course it has Roon interaction, but I’ve settled with Qobuz for it’s native HD and far more HD titles than Tidal, and because the recommends which pop up are more tailorable and suited to my tastes in general. Also I find the streaming a bit more rugged than Tidal.

I bought recently 2 albums on Qobuz. The digital booklets were a big disappointment. Only frontcover. One was the newest Bob Dylan album.

It depends on the original Labels providing the information to Qobuz. This can vary from just the front cover to complete booklets containing the full libretto of an opera.

But still a big disappointment…

If you are using the Qobuz app, you can see the digital booklets there, so you will know what you’ll be getting if you buy the download…

The outcome won’t change, would it?