Roon and RopieeeXL problems since upgrading to Roon 2.0 appearing as constant audio device disconnects

I have recently upgraded to Roon 2.0 and RoPieeeXL 2022.08.1 (0524).

What had been a very stable wifi based configuration prior to the upgrade, has become unusable with Roon constantly reporting it has lost control of the audio device. Sometimes it will play 10-20 seconds of music and others 1-2 seconds.

Troubleshooting performed so far:

o Rebooted the core, rebooted the Pi.
o Moved from wifi to hard wired and the problem remains the same, “Roon lost control of the audio device”.
o Connected the Pi running RopieeeXL to a different DAC. The problem remains.
o Altered the USB cable connecting the Pi to the DAC. The problem remains.
o Patched Roon after its latest patch came out. The problem remains.
o Shifted to a fixed IP rather than DHCP in the Pi. The problem remains.

I have another streamer connected to the same network and core and it does not exhibit the behaviour. It looks, at this point, to be a combination of the upgrade of Roon and RopieeeXL.

A Ropieee bundle has been gathered with ID 5d321c20d57e923b.

Does anyone have any further advice around troubleshooting?

Thank in advance.

I may have sorted the issue out. A move to a new USB port (V3.0) on the Pi 4 looks to have stabilised the playback and I have just completed the playback of a 6 minute tune for the first time since upgrading.

Apologies to all those that may have read this post and the RopieeeXL support/dev guys who have another diagnostics bundle sent their way.

Whoah Nelly, you haven’t played a 7 minute tune yet … :love_you_gesture:

Haha, I have now.

Not sure what it is about these Pi USB ports but switching ports has returned the Pi back to the stable Pi I know. Will attempt the move back Wifi and original DAC tomorrow.

I have my Pi4 running Ropieee on one of its USB 3 ports
I’ll try the other ports over weekend and see if it drops out with latest Roon.

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Cheers as I am interested in determining if its USB2.0 or a flaky Pi port.

To add further troubleshooting

Moved back to wifi and the original DAC. The Roon lost control of this device messages appeared again when using the same USB port that was working in the second config. The differences this time being Wifi, DAC, and USB cable. Wifi was working prior to upgrading as was the DAC. Moved from a Curious USB cable to a cheaper variety and the problem disappears.

The mysterious issue of disconnects using the Pi, USB and Pontus II combination looks to have raised its ugly head again.

Posted this in case someone else runs into this behaviour.

Good move, and stay away from all the other audiophile USB varieties too, please.

I put my DAC on to pi4 USB 2.0 port early this morning.
Been streaming from Qobuz for last couple of hours with zero dropouts.
My NUC core / Ropieee versions are as below:

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Thanks for testing that. I’ll try another port and see if the issue comes back. It is looking like it’s the Pi and USB cable combination as the same Curious cables work without issue with my other Streamer and DAC. Kinda whacky.

My USB cable is just a standard “no brand” affair.

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