Roon and Squeezebox Network question

Hi all, question to see if this may be possible. When my PC (my roon is installed here) is on WIFI, I can turn LMS off and I can find my SBT endpoint. The problem I have is that on wifi, I have dropouts and slow downs on roon. When I connect it via Ethernet, those issues go away. The problem I have is that my SBT is in another room, and it needs to be connected via wifi, and does not see the PC where roon is running. Is there a way to have my roon instance on ethernet, and my SBT on wifi and still work?

The SBT is known to have a compromised Wi-Fi implementation. You may have no choice but to use Ethernet fir reliable streaming.

Thanks Mike, it works ok in wifi. The issue I had was that to have the best experience on roon for me, I had to get my PC on ethernet. I can see my see all of my other roon endpoints, and I get no dropouts. Its just seeing if I can use SBT while my roon is connected via ethernet and sbt on wifi, and still have roon see it as an endpoint.

Also, all of my roon endpoints are connected via wifi, bluesound, raspberry pi, sonos, etc. Roon sees them all, just not my SBT. If I connect my PC via wifi, it finds all of those devices also, including the SBT. But the roon performance is not good for me when the PC is in wifi connection.

Hey, the way I’m reading what you’ve written above, it sounds like you’re saying you’re putting Roon on Wifi to send it to the squeezebox device, rather than putting the squeezebox on wifi and keeping Roon on the LAN? It looks like for some reason (technical glitch or other) you seem to need to put your PC on Wifi to see the squeezebox, as if your squeezebox isn’t properly connecting to your wifi router or access point and only connecting directly to the PC. If that is the case, you should absolutely not need to do that - keep Roon on the LAN and connect the squeezebox to the Wifi in your router, rather than the Wifi on the PC.

If you have no Wifi on the router - then you really should sort that out as without it it will complicate what you need to do (which I guess is exactly your question). Hope that helps and sorry if I’ve missed something obvious.

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When the Roon core is wired what is it’s IP address and what is the IP address of the SBT.

Do you have send flac turned on for the squeezebox Endpoint? If not try it as see if it helps.

It is under settings audio device settings.

As mentioned, the problem seems to be that the SBT is not recognizing the network where the PC is running on ethernet. It could be that when the PC is an ethernet it has one IP address and when it’s on Wi-Fi it has a different IP address. And your SBT is looking for the Wi-Fi address of the server rather than The ethernet address of the server. Perhaps the easy thing to do is to do a factory reset of your SBT and have it look for the ethernet ROON when it’s looking for the server. Again all of this seems to be your SPT not being on the same network or looking at the same server IP address. It’s not simply because the SBT is on Wi-Fi and the server is on Wi-Fi.

Thank you all, will do some troubleshooting some more today. garym, that is pretty much what is going on, will look at your suggestion.

Well, I did the factory reset on the SBT, and went back to roon and sure enough, my SBT was back! Thank you all for the responses, in particular to garym as he nailed the issue. Thank you all again!


To be fair, @CrystalGipsy was making the same point earlier. I’m just longer winded. (and he and I both have lots of past experience with squeezeboxes)


I see that, I would have gotten to that later. Thanks CrystalGipsy.