Roon and T+A Music Player (first gen.)


Can I feed a T+A Music Player (first Gen., not MKII or Balanced-Version!) per ethernet with a Roon-Stream?

Isi t possible to use the Music Player as endpoint from a ROCK on Intel NUC or Core-App on Mac?

Thanks for Supporting

Anybody can answer this?

On T+A website I find this:

Dear T+A friends,

A new device software is now available for the following T+A devices, which fixes the connection problems with the Roon Software 1.7:

MP 1000 E
R 1000 E
MP 2000 R MkII
MP 2500 R
MP 3100 HV
SD 3100 HV
SDV 3100 HV
MP 8

To install the latest device software, please proceed as describedin your user manual (the process is identical for all T+A devices). If you do not have your user manual at hand, please visit T+A Support on our website and download the user manual for your device.

Hope this helps

Thank you Dirk. I know this site. But my Music Player is from the first generation, its older then the ones mentioned on their site.
Unfortunatley I can’t use MP with Roon…
I wonder if anybody has a solution…

Hi Tim,

the T+A Music Player 1st gen. came out in 2007. This was 8 years before roon was even founded. For this reason the 1st generation Music Players could not be developed to be roon ready simply because the roon system did not exist at this time.

A software upgrade of your 1st gen MusicPlayer to become roon ready is also not possible, because the hardware of these old devices is not compatible with the requirements of the roon system.

The only possible way how to use the old 1st gen MusicPlayer with roon is to use an (external) roon endpoint (roon-bridge) with digital S/P-DIF output and connect it to the digital input of your Music Player. This way you can use the Music Player as a high quality DAC for your roon system.

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