Roon and T+A Music Player (first gen.)


Can I feed a T+A Music Player (first Gen., not MKII or Balanced-Version!) per ethernet with a Roon-Stream?

Isi t possible to use the Music Player as endpoint from a ROCK on Intel NUC or Core-App on Mac?

Thanks for Supporting

Anybody can answer this?

On T+A website I find this:

Dear T+A friends,

A new device software is now available for the following T+A devices, which fixes the connection problems with the Roon Software 1.7:

MP 1000 E
R 1000 E
MP 2000 R MkII
MP 2500 R
MP 3100 HV
SD 3100 HV
SDV 3100 HV
MP 8

To install the latest device software, please proceed as describedin your user manual (the process is identical for all T+A devices). If you do not have your user manual at hand, please visit T+A Support on our website and download the user manual for your device.

Hope this helps

Thank you Dirk. I know this site. But my Music Player is from the first generation, its older then the ones mentioned on their site.
Unfortunatley I can’t use MP with Roon…
I wonder if anybody has a solution…