Roon and Technics SA-C600 support

Good morning, guys.
Just one question: I was thinking about replacing my Naim Mu-so qb (1st generation) with a Technics SA-C600 as I’ve read fantastic reviews about this device.
As far as I know, it seems like this all-in one amplifier is not Roon ready.
Is there a workaround to make it work with my core or would I better stick with my Naim?

Thank you very much,


You are correct it is not Roon Ready, but supports both Chromecast and Airplay so that should give you plenty of options for Roon.
Chromecast should got to 24/96 and Airplay to 16/44

The only downside is you would not be able to group them with any Roon Ready devices without adding another Roon Ready box to it

That really depends on their implementation many don’t as they don’t use the correct metadata flag.

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Thank you, Michael.
So, I should be able to “see” it listed within my network devices, if I’m not mistaken.
Sorry about this other question: what would be the purpose of adding this (or another) amplifier to a group?
Thanks again…

Yes Roon will find it on your network (as long as you have a single network and the device is on the same network as your Roon Core) and you will be able to enable the protocol of your choice by going into Settings->Audio and selecting it and choosing enable (as simple as that).

Chromecast needs to be set up in the Google Home app (in case you do not have it) but once enabled, just like Airplay it will just work and I am sure you will be happy with it, it is a well reviewed device and I was tempted to look at one for my study.

To allow you to play music across multiple rooms at the same time, it is important for some which is why I mention it.

In my experience away from AV systems which seem to limit things to 24/48
I am pretty sure I read that this one works to 24/96 in one of the reviews.

I use my own Chromecast Audio at 24/96 without any real issue

Wether it works with Roon at that is another thing.
My atom supports 96/24 via CC but not via Roon.

That is a fair point, and based on your experience

But it does work which is the important thing, so Andrea will have at least two options for working with Roon on this device

To be honest, guys, I’ve double checked right now and the Naim Mu-so Qb (1 st generation) is not a Roon Tested (or a Roon Ready) device, so, in terms of usage, nothing should change.
The only protocol I’ve been using for almost 4 years has been Airplay.
[UPDATE]: it’s Roon tested, sorry for what I’ve written before.

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