Roon and the Auralic Aries

@paolo -

You will need to run Roon Core or RoonServer on a computer. You can then direct output to the Aries. Roon Core or RoonServer is what creates and manages the music library, etc…

So you can control playback to your Aries via either a computer, laptop or iPad/Tablet running Roon, however you still need Roon Core/RoonServer running on one system (computer)

Thus, in your case iPad, computer and Aries.

Absolutely. And yes, as you know, said computer must be a Mac or a Windows PC. But the folks at Roon are supposed to be hard at work to make it so that the core can run on a Linux box also. Fingers crossed…

[quote=“paolo, post:86, topic:620”]
…or a server from one of our hardware partners.
[/quote]Good catch on that. My apologies, I SHOULD have explained, because that - indeed - can cause confusion. I suppose it should have said, “on an OS X or Windows server from one of our hardware partners”.

Sorry about that. I can see where that could have caused confusion. :frowning:

Than you bplexico, everything is clear now.
I use Roon that way (a triangle composed by pc-ipad-aries)
Anyway, Roon is really a very good way to enjoy the music. The use of a pc is not a problem at all.

Yes Steve, I simply didn’t understand the phrase…I think it really causes a little confusion in me. :blush:

@scolley steve
Don’t apologize…it’s only a detail. Roon is a great app…it’s the future! :yum:

PC / iPad / Aries or in Roon language Core / Control / Output.
A PC or Mac can also perform all 3 of these functions.

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i wrote that Auralic placed a new Roon RAAT version 1.1.1. in their newest beta firmware 4.0beta6

does someone know if there are differences in soundquality between Roon Raat Versions?

thanks for an answer :slight_smile:

RAAT 1.1.1 was a minor release to “sync up” the code in Roon Ready devices so that the code matches what we released in Roon 1.2 in mid-April.

For the most part, this was cosmetic reorganization of the source code to make it easier to share the code between the RAAT SDK and Roon/Roon Bridge. This is just about making things more productive for the people working on it and doesn’t have any impact on sound quality or user experience.

A few minor bugs were fixed in the SDK, but none (that I can think of) impacted the Aries specifically. Compatibility issues with a few USB devices were resolved based on support incidents, but if you were involved in one of those, you would know about it already.

An issue related to clock drift compensation during synchronized playback was fixed–but this only affected a subset of configurations that included two Roon Ready (not including Roon/Roon Bridge) devices configured for synchronized playback.

In short, it’s a minor release, and sound quality should be the same.

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Hi together
Installed Roon vers.1.2 on my Synology 1815+, every thing works fine. ipad pro with latest roon remote app.
But - my Auralic Aries (Roon is activated, Firmware 3.3, Softwareversion 3.1)) is not found as a audio device.
Actually no fix IP for the Aries (because I do not know how to do this settings on the Aries)

Dont no what to do …

Hi Christian,

If Roon Ready is activated and you are not seeing the zone, I’d try restarting the Aries and Roon Core as a first step.

Andybob - Thanks, the correct order is the key - now it works.:grin:

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Does anyone know the trick to getting Roon to ‘see’ the Aries as a networked device?

My Aries became unplugged and upon powering it back up, the only option I get is Airplay. I’ve tried shutting down the Roon Server, rebooting the Aries, then starting Roon Server to no avail.

I’m stumped…

Hi madfloyd,

Sometimes after a powerdown the Aries can revert to the default setting where Roon Ready is turned off in Lightning DS. Is it turned on for you ?

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Hoping someone can help - I’ve just purchased a second hand Auralic Aries as I want to connect to two systems and play the same music through both, at the same time. While setting it up I found the Lightening DS app does not support Android and MacBook Pro with development for Android being abandoned in 2015 - wish I knew that before I purchased it. Anyway I have trailed Roon in the past (have not yet purchased a licence) and am wondering if I can use Aries via Roon, given Aries is Roon ready?

Yes. I had an Aries but recently sold it. In the Lightning DS app there is a switch to toggle on Roon Ready. When on then any signal from Roon will play no matter what other input is selected.

You can connect to multiple DACs through the Aries using the AES/EBU, Coaxial and Toslink outputs but not USB. There is a toggle to select the USB output which excludes the others.

Thanks for that - one more question if I may - how would I turn Roon on when I can’t use Lightening DS? would I need to download the app onto a friend iPhone then turn it on? or is there another method?

I sense an iPad or iPhone in your future. SFAIK Lightning DS is the only way to toggle on Roon Ready in the Aries. Sometimes when rebooting the Aries the toggle reverts to the default off and needs to be switched back to on. So unless you are going to borrow your friend’s iPhone every time you switch the Aries off and on, you’ll want your own. The spec requirements are less than Roon (doesn’t need OpenGL) but you might as well get a device that can run both. Check out the second hand market.

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@Stephen_Wilson you might be able to get an inexpensive used iPod Touch refurbished or off eBay.