Roon and Tidal glitching

So I hook up my Emotiva dac and turn roon on…it plays for about 3 seconds then stops. An error comes up and says Interference or connectivity issues with Tidal. The wifi is literally 7 ft away. I turn exclusive use off in tidal and keep it on in Roon…doesnt play…turn it on in tidal and off in roon it plays fine. What could be the problem?

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You may want to reread your post and edit it. It makes no sense to me at all.

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I agree that the OP’s post is confusing. @Sean_Gresham, it seems like your problem has to do with trying to run the Tidal desktop app and Roon at the same time on the same machine. Is that correct?

Also, when you say “The wifi is literally 7 ft away,” it’s not entirely clear what that means and how that fits into the picture.

If you could elaborate on those issues and also detail your setup, as described here, that would help in defining your problem and, we hope, coming up with a solution.

Sorry guys about the original post. I only run one Roon…Tidal isnt open. The error says connectivity or interference. So I thought it could be an internet issue. That is why I said the wifi is literally 7ft away…so it isnt an internet issue.

Hi @Sean_Gresham ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

As David (@orgel :thumbsup:) has suggested in his post, having the details of your setup as per the shared link, would greatly aide in evaluating/understanding this behavior you’re experiencing :sunglasses:


what “exclusive use” setting in tidal appears to make a difference?

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