Roon and Tidal, Moving Tidal account from UK to US

Hi - I am in the process of moving from the UK back to the US. Part of the whole ordeal will involving cancelling my UK-based Tidal subscription and (re)opening a subscription in the US. Will this impact my Roon library, e.g. Tidal albums that I’ve added (assuming I use the same email to create the new account)?

Thanks in advance!


I think there is a way of transferring, if you contact Tidal customer services. I did this because I first had a UK account then moved it to a German one. But I don’t recall the details of exactly how it worked out.

Not a question for the Roon team though. Purely a Tidal issue.

I would contact TIDAL and ask them to copy your UK account favourites to the US account. In fact, I would ask their advice, period.

TIDAL albums in your Roon library exist on a TIDAL ID basis. Unfortunately, because UK and US regional licensing is quite different, there are bound to be albums which are available in the UK, but not in the US. Similarly, a UK favourite with one TIDAL ID might not be playable in the US, so the album will “vanish” from Roon; however, a comparable album with a different TIDAL ID will be available in the US which you will need to add manually.

I would definitely export your whole list of albums to a spreadsheet. (Album browser --> Select all albums --> Export --> XLS)


Thanks, Joel. That is solid info, and just what I wanted to know. I don’t mind some manual labor in reconstructing my library, just wanted to get a feel for what to expect.

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