Roon and TIDAL not playing ball together?!

Got a roon/tidal question, when i DL an album I have on my server already to the iPhone from tidal to play locally, it duplicates it showing my version and the tidal version. Is there a way to stop this holistically rather than individually though ‘edit’.

Also when i search for an artist, though the TIDAL app it shows, but if i search in TIDAL through roon it can’t find anything? (the artist isn’t in my library)??

I have RoonServer installed on my QNAP TS251 (quad core intel) + with 8GB RAM and 2x1TB SSDs.

You can turn off Duplicates here

Thanks ! does roonserver have the same settings as roon rock?

Yes it does…its the same on all platforms

Hi - thanks but this is set by default to hide duplicates and I’ve not change any setting (its off) but still shows duplicates.

Can you upload a screenshot to show us what you’re seeing ?

Andy, I uninstalled roon server, removed all DL’d content from Tidal i had downloaded or listened to to my phone
and have reinstalled everything and also done a test by re DL’ing some duplicate content to my iPhone.

It now appears to all be working correctly with album version and shows ‘other verison’ tab (in the artwork display field) as it should. But not on all albums?

Also the issue of say not finding an artist through roon in Tidal (which i don’t have on my NAS) is still there?

It’s just started duplicating again!!! Even though some aren’t…

OK Andy - got to the bottom of the issues:

Album title has to be exactly the same otherwise both versions show.
Track count has to be exactly the same otherwise both versions show.
on the last screen short with ‘LP1 FKA Twigs’ and ‘LP1 FKA twigs’ (no capitalisation on ‘twigs’)
The album still showed both version as my album has 4 extra tracks. I converted my collection to also show ‘twigs’ with no capitalisation, both versions were still visible so I used ‘right click edit’ (on the album artwork) and hid the album using hide album in ‘roon visibility’ and now it only shows my (server version)

Am i missing something or is this the way it is?
I can understand this if album title differed but why show both versions as different albums simply because track counts differ?
Surely this should be seen as ‘Other Versions’ like in the screen shot below:

Rather than hide select both albums and then go into edit and select group alternate versions and they will then appear as other versions of the same album.

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Yes, Roon treats albums with different names or different numbers of Tracks as different albums unless you group them as alternate versions of the same album in Edit Album.

OK got this sorted then

Can you please advise how to find a new artist i don’t have on my NAS/local collection on TIDAL though roon?

Enter the name of the Artist in Search and click on the Tidal tab of the search results.

OK - thanks finished my setup and got a good understanding of the software… i think!

I have been enjoying my roon/tidal arrangement and have made several playlists on Roon for playing through my home system. And now would like to play TIDAL through my car system through Bluetooth and would like to transfer copies of the playlists from Roon to TIDAL. Is this possible? If so How?
thanks in advance

Hi Warren,

I’m afraid you’ve found some chinks in the armor here.

Roon doesn’t yet have a mobile solution because it needs to be in communication with its Core. You could take a mobile computer with a Roon Core into your car and connect it to your car system. I think that if you selected the System Out zone on that Core then you should be able to connect it to your car system by Bluetooth, but don’t spend money without testing that theory out first. You don’t need two licences to do this, you can authorise one at a time. I think you may need to have some Internet connectivity to authorise a second Core, but I believe you can take it in and out of connectivity and still have access to your locally stored library.

Alternatively, you can use the Tidal app on a mobile device and send that by Bluetooth to your car, which is much simpler than trying to take Roon mobile atm.

Your Roon Tidal library will show up as favourites in Tidal (they periodically synchronise, so there can be a delay of a few hours for new selections) but there is currently no path to transfer playlists from Roon to Tidal. Tidal playlists will be available through the Tidal app.

Andy, thanks for your prompt reply
I was not trying to seek a mobile solution with Roon -I simply wanted to know how to transfer my playlists from Roon to TIDAL for playing through my mobile device and through Bluetooth to my car
I tried your suggestion of going to “favorites”in Tidal to get the roon playlists but they were not available. I am now making new playlists directly in TIDAL which is a lot of tedious repetition since they are essentially the same as those in roon