Roon and VST plugins

According to my limited knowledge of the matter, in order to use something like an software equalizer, the player has to support the VST protocol for plugins to…um…“plug in”.
Like the VST plugin for Foobar, which than supports equalizers like sonarworks or equalizer apo.
So how would one use these kind of equalizers with roon (if possible at all)?


Unfortunately not on the road map for now

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@Dannythered Thanks for the answer.
Even though, that’s quite disappointing. IS there any workaround? Preferably one that does not involve disabling exclusive mode.

Not that I know of, however some Roon users including myself use Dirac Live, Dirac sorts out the room modes and really improves sound, by addressing the bass nodes in particular it helps the higher frequencies shine and vocals sound so much better. You can try a free 14 day trial via their website, well worth a go… Plus you don’t need to disable exclusive mode.