Roon android app does not find core

H @noris
here is a screenshot from my router
just to confirm that the roon core machine (utopia PC) and the mobile (Galazy nidzo) are on the same network.
yes, i have tried to manually connect to the core (via help and IP address), but nothing happens.

the strange thing, is that basically nothing changed: i mean, same core machine, same network configuration, same mobile with same firmware, (almost) same router. other devices have no problem, this one does not find the core.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thanks for letting me know that connecting via Help has not worked either. I would like to loop in the QA team to see if they can provide other suggestions here.

I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your Core and Remote is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for analysis.

I kindly ask you to open the Roon app on both your Core and S4 that is having issues and leave the app open for at least a few minutes so that the diagnostics report can reach our servers.


ROON core is always (more or less) on.
Roon app on android device (galaxy s4) is trying to connect now since some minutes (not finding core).
note that there are (maybe) 2 more android devices on the network (with roon app).


Hello @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thanks for confirming that. I still did not see any report from your android device show up in our diagnostics server but this might just be a side-effect of the issue. I have a few other suggestions:

  • Are you able to ping the S4 from your Roon Core using Command Prompt?
  • Is the firmware version the same for the replacement router?
  • Are there any firewall settings on the new router which the old one did not have?
  • Is multicast enabled on the router?
  • What is the exact model/manufacturer of the router?
  • If you can try Roon on a different network with the same Core and Remote as a temporary test, does the same behavior still occur?


Hallo @noris

i have just tried to connect with the mobile, and now it works. even though there’s nothing i’ve changed.

it will stay as a mistery…


Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thanks for letting me know that it’s working now, it’s certainly strange if you haven’t changed anything. I’m going to mark this case as [Solved] but if the issue re-appears do let me know.


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Hi noris
it’ more than a week now that my android app cannot connect to roon core, again.
can you please re-open the support ticket?

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Just re-opened the thread as you requested. Can you let me know some more information on the thread? Has anything changed vs when it was working and it was not?


Thanks @noris
No, absolutely nothing changed in my system settings.
-Win7 Roon core, with static local Lan IP address
-various devices connected in the same network: an android 5 tablet, another android smartphone and a win10 laptop connecting with no problem to Roon Core
-one android 4 smartphone that used to connect normally, but now it doesn’t…


Hi Niccolo,

I wanted to check in with you here as I’ve been discussing your case a bit with the team.

I am not quite sure why the Android device would stop locating the Core, but we do have some low-level infrastructure changes on the Android side of things in the works.

I can’t say when for certain, but these changes should ship soon and it’s possible that the changes to the Android infrastructure will help you here, so our best bet might be waiting for the release to ship and then we can do some more troubleshooting here if the issues persist once the new release is live.


OK. i confirm that my android roon app did connect again, and then stopped again.
this happens only with this device (i think android 5.0.1) but does not with other more recent devices.
this yes/no behavior could be explained if you are changing things on roon side, as on my side everything is pretty stable.
i’ll wait.

Detection sometimes needs a loooong time. If your impatient, this trick might help (I used it myself already with success):

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thanks, i knew the trick. no use in this case.
in general, android devices take some secs to connect, and connection is not so stable. but i can live with this.
in this case, there is really a problem, as the device does not connect at all.
thanks anyway :grinning:

after new release, android app looks muche more responsive.
for my problem: the device is still non connecting…

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Glad to hear that the update has helped with responsiveness. Maybe resetting the phone to factory default settings or double-checking that there is no active VPN on it may help? It’s very strange that it’s just that one phone and not the others.

– Noris

@noris, resetting to factory is quite extreme solution…
consider that the phone sometimes connect, sometimes not (with no change in home network whatsoever)
and that other android devices DO connect with no problem in the same configuration.

so my best guess is that there is some problem of roon with that version of android (5.0.1) (other devices are newer).

Hi Niccolo,

I agree that factory resetting is a bit of an extreme solution, but other than giving this a try I am not sure why other Android phones would be working without issue and this one wouldn’t. Seems like the issue might be localized to the phone itself.

– Noris

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