Roon Android (not mobile)

I recently purchased a Zidoo Z9x media player advertised as Roon ready. It took some effort to get the Google play store installed but I was able to install a Roon Android app. I does look pretty much the same as as the Roon core running on my Mac. The app will not scroll down using either the remote control arrow keys or a Bluetooth mouse making it pretty much useless. My Roon core is on a different floor so running back and forth is not viable. I have install Roon app on and Ipad and attempted to use this as a control. Roon works on the Ipad but selecting the Zidoo endpoint is an adventure. Some times its there and other times it isn’t. This is not fun…

I also have a Dune media player which uses a different app store then Google Playstore. The Roon app in this store is the mobile version which will install but has a horizontal view and of course is also not a full Roon experience.

My questions are
Can the scrolling problem be fixed on the Zidoo

Can I get a download of the android app for Android (not the Phone one)

Roon ready does not mean it runs the room android app. It means it has the Endpoint software installed so a Roon core will see it and can play to it as a network endpoint (not as a control device).

There isn’t an app that will. run on the device how your wanting. Android app is for tablets and phones not video devices. The device is Roon Ready which means it can be used as an audio endpoint not a controller . It has Roons code built in to allow Roon to play to it using their streaming protocol RAAT. You don’t need the app for this.

Thanks for your reply

I did think that the app was for a tablet but I have also had some weird behavior with the Zidoo interface which I don’t have with the Dune. I thought i would try the Dune if I could get a link to the App for the tablet version so I could try it on the Dune

I have been using the Zidoo as an endpoint and the audio configured on the Roon core without much trouble. I also put Roon on an Apple TV and an IPad both of which work but have issues. If I use the Ipad the endpoint on the Zidoo often does not appear as a choice even though it does show on the Roon core and the Zidoo itself. This is an IPad problem not an Android problem so I will be taking this to the correct forum. My music library has been configured on the MAC so that JRiver and Emby can use the same llibrary. So far I would much prefer to use Roon if possible but if I can’t find a way to get it to play reliably on the Zidoo or Dume (or the Apple TV or Ipad) I’ll have to give it up and wait and see it a proper Android app shows up. From my research on the forum I don’t have much hope this will happen.