Roon API Extensions and Testing

Just out of curiosity, is there a plan to test/certify Extensions? Since we have seen the arrival of the Alarm Clock, things will probably start heating up. Will Roon Support Staff support extensions?

API use and support Guidelines for the users and support community would be great, and if there are I missed them I apologize. I just had a vision of a future Roon update causing “I overslept because you broke my Alarm Clock” threads.


We’ve been thinking about this, but distributing random code to run on your machine seems scary. Maybe ROCK can do a docker based isolation solution at some point in the future?

I’ve tested @Jan_Koudijs wake up. A very nice app, that seems to work :100: %

I’m using iDevices. So I taught I’ve a look how Roon Extention is displaying on my iPhone 6.

I can’t find the Extention menu.:scream:
Is this just something you guys forgot, or is it left out intentionally?
Maybe just move it right away into the main menu under settings ?

I would expect a new release is coming soon anyway, as Tidal added the M symbol today, and it’s showing up in Roon yet :grinning:

It will come. :slight_smile:

If you delete, I do to :point_up:

This functionality (the extension tab) still seems to be missing on iPhones.

Have you guys forgot or ? :grinning:

Are you guys aware the the Extention Tab is stil not available for iPhone ?
Is it left out intentionally or just something forgotten ?

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Apparently the extension tab is still not available on iphone. Is this on purpose? Or am I doing something wrong?

There are many things missing/working differently/placed somewhere else on the mobile (portrait UI) version of Roon. Mostly because of (un)available screen space. I’m pretty sure that the extensions tab is missing for that very reason. The current portrait UI is a nice supplemental for playback control but it is not (and may never be) a full featured control option for Roon.

Note: Even the tablet (landscape mobile) version of Roon is missing a few features compared to the desktop version.