Make the Roon mobile app (tablet / landscape version only) a complete replacement for the desktop software as a Roon Control

It was my believe that the mobile builds for tablets (landscape GUI) are complete controls for Roon, offering all the features and options the desktop builds have, but lately I discovered the missing cog wheels in the about screen to configure the update policy for Roon.

Missing option to set the update policy

Desktop Roon

Mobile Roon (Android)

I’m fully aware of the fact that this option is not needed for the mobile clients as they get their updates from their respective app store but there’s still the core and maybe bridges too.

Missing "Browse for image..."

On mobile OS’s, Roon insists that the user has to enter a valid URL instead of offering him the ability to browse for images in various places on and accessible to the mobile device.

Missing "Export" option

The export options seems to be completely missing.

From Export:

Using a tablet doesn’t invalidate these reasons.

Why you might want this

I’m sure a Nucleus, maybe some bridges to connect all the audio equipment and one or more mobile device(s) to control Roon sounds appealing to many users but this differences make the use of a desktop version mandatory for full access to all options and settings of Roon. As today’s tablets are powerful enough to replace desktops for common use at home I think this should be corrected.

From the supported platforms I only have windows and android at hand. Does this difference also occur on OS X an iOS? Are there maybe other differences that are not listed here?

Please feel free to join the discussion and leave a +1 if you wanna support the request.


Nice way as well to take Roon on travel or on holiday.

Agreed, I’ve never understood why tablets offering sufficient screen real estate are crippled.

Update 2019-08-23: Added section about “Browse for image…”

And export? At least to spreadsheet.


Update 2019-08-24: Added section about “Export”

+1. Absolutely agree and now sufficient characters :slightly_smiling_face:

Missing the ability to setup convolution filters in DSP

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Especially agree on the “Missing Export availability” on iPads. There is no reason to disallow export of playlistst and other material on an iPad. It even makes the Export to Soundiiz kind of useless to me…


A way to circumnavigate that is setup your convolution filters on a Mac or Pc and then save them as presets.
Thereafter you can easily switch between them on your tablet.

Not straightforward but it works…

I know that, but the purpose of this thread is to eliminate the dependence on PC based remotes for Roon. Modern tablets are powerful and versatile enough so that many could live without a (complicated to setup and maintain) PC, just using a Nucleus (or some other pre-built Roon Core from an other brand) as their Core and a tablet as main Roon Remote (and what ever else they might want to use it for).


Still want this!

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