Recommended setup for Roon

I think i will add an aluminum case to my Pi order.
Just wondering: do people leave the Pi running 24/7? Or turn it on just before listening? The wall brick that came with my mini pc can actually get quite warm to the touch after an hour or so. How is it for the Pi?

Maybe down to the wall brick.
Mine are never turned off and I have a few iFi ipower supplies that do not really get very hot at all. They really only sip power, not like a big PC

That Starter Kit should be fine. You don’t even need 4GB, 2 would work. As for underclocking, that’s just something @Archimago likes to do, doesn’t hurt, probably not necessary, though.

If the PC doesnt support legacy boot you cannot installl ROCK/RoonOS. Currenlty it only supports non UEFI booting to install. As others have said install a known linux distro on the machine, then install roon server on it. You then use your regualr windows pc, and andorid to then setup and manage it all headless. It can connect to yout dac if you wish, but linux does have imitations with DACs as not all manufactureres give good linux support, so you may find some limiatations in DSD for instance. If the DAC is known to linux and Roon it will give you the options the deivce reports it can handle for the operating system.

EDIT. Read more and it seems you cant install linux on it either, how odd. I

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I have a technical question for Y’all. I will be using my windows 10 pc as roon core and a raspberry pi 4 as an endpoint with ropiee to feed my usb dac.
The manufacturer for my dac states that with windows the dac can do DSD128, but with linux it can do DSD512.
With windows running the core and ropiee feeding the dac, will the dac think it is on linux or windows?
I would imagine that since it is the ropiee that is passing data to the dac, that the dac would count as being run by linux? Is that right?
I ask because in windows the dac needs to use an xmos driver, but it doesn’t need that driver for linux.

You’re correct with Linux.

thank you! I’m such a noob about these things!

Dont worry. People are always glad to help. By the way, +1 on leaving RPi on 24/7 and using an aluminium case.

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Hi Dennis.

Just read your thread.
I don‘t want to spoil or troll. Just my two cents worth:

I like to tinker a bit but as I get older, I more and more tend to realize the factor of time spend (and sometimes lost) on my projects.

When I started with becoming interested in Roon, I read a lot in the forum. I finally decided that instead of trying and fiddling around with different solutions, there was the easy path in front if me. So I bought myself an used NUC i5. I have 8GB RAM and a 120GB SSD. I checked and you should be able to get one for less than $100, $50-80, if you’re lucky.

When it arrived, it took me less than an hour to set it up with ROCK. My database is on my NAS. Both are in another room, separate from my streamer. All has been absolutely perfect for three years now and all is working, DSP and so.

Best of luck.



There is no Roon remote (= your user interface) version on Linux. So you cannot interact with your Roon environment using a Linux machine. You can run Roon on Linux, but not control it. Windows is actually the only platform where one machine can be your true full core and full UI (perhaps also on IOS, but I am not familiar with that range). That is why so many people run and control Roon on Windows.

One reason it all appears so complex is that, for whatever reason, that above simple thuth about Roon cannot/should not be stated out loud.

There are plenty of (more complex / multi box) set-ups that alleviate that problem.

In your case I would suggest running Roon core on Linux on your MiniPC (with a usb connection to your DAC) and using a tablet as remote (UI).

Be sure to use a large screen high resource tablet, or some functionality of the UI may not be available to you. I bought a ipad especially to run Roon remote, because I remain unsure that even on a large screen Android tablet full functionality is available.

Do not try to use a (android) phone to manage your Roon environment. That will just lead to frustration due to hidden functionality.

Hope this helps and clarifies.
Welcome to the wonderfully world of Roon: frustratingly bad sometimes, but still - by far - the best out there.


Not sure why this was couched as a reply to me… In any case, I’d suggest reading the whole thread before replying.

I mainly manage my Roon environment with an Android Fire TV tablet. Am I still missing out because of hidden functionality? If so, what is it that’s hidden?

I tried to list it all in this feature suggestion thread:

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iOS is remote only. Only Linux, Windows and macOS can be Roon servers and in the case of Windows and mac all three components are installed (server, remote, bridge) and you choose what gets used.

Been a while since I’ve used any Android products but in the case of Roon I’m pretty sure the Android experience mirrors iOS but they do have limited functionality vs a Windows or mac remote which is required for some tasks like importing filters.

As far as I know the hidden functionality are those bits where “screen real estate” is needed and Roon has decided will be more frustrating than useful

I use 3 remotes , an old iPad Mini , an iPad Pro 12.9 and a Samsung A52 phone , the experience does vary between them, how could you possibly hope to match a 12.9 screen experience on a phone.

If a phone is all you have so be it . I many ways Roon skipping features is saving you frustration of maneuvering a “tiny” screen.

BIG fan of BIG iPad …

There is no native Roon remote for Linux but you can install the Windows version within Wine or the Android version within an Android emulator

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MacOS can do both as well, I used to use MacOS as RoonServer (core) and controller but that was several MacOS’es ago. I wouldn’t recommend it at this time though.

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I don’t know about the Fire, but on a 10" tablet you have essentially the same functionality as on the desktop, such as metadata editing, bookmarks, or DSP settings. These are all missing on the phone, which is focused on replay

Can you import filters on a tablet?

No, that’s still Mac or Windows only…

Just an update to let all that have helped me know what is happening.
I purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2gb of ram and installed Ropiee on it.
I also installed Roon Core on my bedroom gaming pc.
The Ropiee Pi is in my livingroom attached to my tube dac via usb.
After all of that inability to grasp how Roon works and what the best setup was, and after that total failure trying to use my Beelink mini pc for ROCK,
This all went incredibly well.
Everything seems to be working as it should, and i am very impressed with the way Roon library displays my albums.
However, it may be just a newness factor, but I’m not sure that it sounds as good as my old setup with Foobar 2000 on Windows 10. The sound doesn’t seem to have the same fullness of body.
But I’ll be giving it some time and we will see what develops.
My thanks to everyone who assisted me. You all showed amazing patience!

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