B475 Roon won’t load after upgrade (MacBook Pro. OS 10.10.5)

thx a lot for your efforts!

Same problem for me with 10.10.5. I’ve gone back to Build 416 as instructed. Thank you for posting the fix… One suggestion: Turning off Automatic updates requires finding the Gear icon.

how can i disable automatic updating ???

Go to Settings/About, and click on the gear icon by your Core…

Done. thanx!

… this only works with a PC (Windows or OS X) version of Roon and is not available on mobile (Android or iOS) versions.

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When you fix this can there be an update prompt that will resolve this without having to do a fresh install? Possible ETA? Meanwhile, it’s vinyl…

Hi @Gerhard_Martan,

The only thing to install here is the 416 client — This does not impact your database. You can install 416 without having to completely start fresh with Roon.

OK. I took it back to B416 and, after a long time, it did reload OK. I turned auto-updates off but Roon still kept prompting to upgrade which I ignored. Since doing this I am having a lot of trouble with Tidal being slow to load songs. This morning, instead of streaming to my AURALIC Vega G2, I connected my Dragonfly Red to the Mackbook Pro USB port. It did not show up in Roon so I rebooted the MacBook. It appears that Roon did it’s upgrade again now and won’t complete loading.

Any ETA about when this might be resolved?

This just got interesting. Although all upload speeds are 20 Mbps, my download speeds for all devices on my network is 70mbps with one exception, the MacBook Pro that is running Roon. It only reaches 13.4mbps regardless of whether it is WIFI or Ethernet connected. This is likely why Tidal is slow to load on Roon although neither the Tidal app or Audirvana exhibit this issue. I know that this is not related to the B416 issue. The MacBook is late 2008 with 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 and a 500Gb SSD. Can anyone confirm if this is normal for a MacBook of this age?

That’s an ancient machine spec to run a roon core on, even with an ssd

It was left over after we all went to tablets. Up to now it has worked really well. You just can’t use DSP much but that is also true of the basic Nucleus per the description.

Hi @Gerhard_Martan,

As wizardofoz mentioned, it’s definitely an older machine that may be more prone to performance issues.

It’s hard to say exactly why that’s happening, but it can definitely be impacting Roon’s ability to play TIDAL content.

What is the router you’re using?

Right now I am using the Actiontec T3200 from my ISP/carrier. Both the MacBook Pro and my Windows 10 PC are plugged into it with 6 feet of CAT 6 cable yet the PC tests out at 4 times the download speed of the Mac. Upload speeds are identical. I’ll get it independently checked tomorrow. If that is normal for the year then it is upgrade time.

I hope, though, that the Roon update for the software issue is soon resolved even though I am really enjoying vinyl and SACD disks again. Everything else, CDs and HiRez downloads, is on the MacBook.

Maybe get a MAC compatible USB wifi dongle… I’ve done that for a few ol MBP’s that the wifi had died on.

Tonight I found another thread about slow download speeds that mentioned Dropbox as the culprit so I turned off Roon backup to Dropbox. My Internet download speed is now blazing fast again. Now I just need to reinstall 416 again and see how well the Tidal steaming works. My guess is that it will be fine. Any guess on how the fix to Roon is coming along?

That said, there are a lot of places to back up files, all of them cheaper than Dropbox. Any thoughts about making some available?

Hi @Gerhard_Martan,
I recommend setting up Roon to backup to a local file system, then sync that backup folder to the Cloud resource of your choice.

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Yep. Without Dropbox connected my ancient MacBook Pro works perfectly, including DSP upsampling. No issues. Hopefully a fix for this upgrade issue is forthcoming soon.

I’m looking around at the various posts but I am not seeing any solution, other than remaining on 416, posted. If this fix is still pending, can you please set my expectations. Thanks.