Upcoming Linux Performance Improvements

I don’t know of any way other than using a desktop Roon install to access these settings i’m afraid. But, the process of installing a desktop client would be swift and harmless. And from memory, i think there is a setting that would allow you to postpone them during a period, to make sure everyhings working, as you said.

Hehe…I was hoping other Salkstream owners would test the update first before I try it. :wink:

I hope the Arch Linux update Salk provided works well. After some googling, it seems the update Salk provided is an older version, which kind of concerns me. But then my knowledge of Linux is extremely limited, so I’ll defer to those that know better. Worse case Salk may need to provide a more current update.

It would be nice if Roon provided access to these settings on tablets at least. I rarely use our PC. My iPad is so much more convenient.

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I don’t know squat about Linux, so I am in Jim’s hands. I was at Salk today getting mine updated, that is where some of today’s post on Jim’s board on AudioCircle came from. Took some doing, but he updated my linux, and did the update. Initially the boot commands were troublesome. But I am up and running now.

That said, I did just install Roon on my desktop just to ask it not to auto-update anymore. I’ll wait…

Jim Salk’s service is excellent! Last November the hard drive in my Salkstream died. Jim sent me a new drive and was able to remotely get my Salkstream up and running again. It was a bit challenging to do it remotely, but Jim didn’t give up.

Fortunately, Jim’s original update instructions on AudioCircle seemed to work for me (I didn’t get any error messages). I guess next week we’ll find out if it works with the Roon update. :crossed_fingers:

Any other Salkstream owners here?

I agree and wrote a feature request for this already. Feel free to up-vote it. :wink:


Done. :+1:

I’m surprised your thread didn’t get a better response, though. :frowning:

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I have missed this on the way through, but does this change only affect Roon Servers or does it cover Roonbridge end points as well?

Hi @Saturn94 I was the one who also posted in Jim’s AC board. As you might recall, Jim offered, so I emailed him. He did get some error/fail prompts, and it took him a few attempts with other commands to get it to take. I’m very happy to have had him handle it as I would have freaked if I saw an error pop up. :joy:

Hopefully the update will work fine.

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Yep, Jim’s support is invaluable. :+1:

I’m glad to see other Salkstream owners here. :grinning:


Unfortunately at this time it appears that Antipodes are in a world of pain to get any of their machines updated successfully even the flagship K50 models.
A real pity as they perform excellent as Roon core and renderer but looks like we may be out in the cold for a while as the November 3rd deadline comes and goes.
They are working hard to resolve but there are a lot of customers to satisfy.
I appreciate all of their efforts and keeping my fingers crossed they will resolve.

In my case (owner of an EX) the update to AMS3.1 went smoothly. Roon Core is back to normal after the update. Now awaiting Roon Update next Wednesday. I hope Antipodes owners who experience problems will be able to use their Roon Core again soon. I’m confident, given Antipodes’ commitment.

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Anyone tested the BETA version with the Sonic Transporter? Hoping for some positive results and looking forward to the update this week.


I hope so but there are a lot of issues right now as one can see on the Antipodes forum boards, hopefully they will get through it.

I had no problem updating CX and EX … went very smoothly. I think many users have successfully updated.

I hope so but the posts on the Antipodes forum suggest otherwise.

The main problem seems to be getting that initial upgrade “push” from Antipodes.
Not been happening for a lot of people.

Updated my EX from 2.8. Mark at Antipodes did need to connect to load the upgrade trigger and once again at the end for a couple tweaks. He was very accommodating and Roon core is back again on the EX. It appears if you had 2.8 then the first 2 of 3 updates are skipped. Wednesday will be the telling.

He tried to load the upgrade trigger for me but as of this morning it still has not worked.
Away all week for work so I will have a non functional Core when I return Friday.:frowning:

Mark connected to my Antipodes DSGT and from there the update went really well to version 3.1. Roon saw my “new” Antipodes and I enabled the dsp volume control from the Player in MyAntipodes.
If you are coming from 2.5 or 2.7 and have a good system then you will be surprised :slight_smile:

I have no doubt it will be resolved but not this week as I am away with work until Saturday.
Let’s everyone else get some service though so it’s all good.