Roon, could you please get the basic usability stuff out of the way whilst you blaze new trails

So, no ‘ad hoc’ editing possible just within ROON, i.e. I will need to make a note of all album covers defaulted to the grey/black picture then effect corrections outside of ROON before a rescan. It’s what I expected to be honest, but just wondered if there was a way of tidying things up within ROON. Thanks for confirming.

Not from a tablet, no. Only team Roon knows why given you can do so from any desktop based Roon client.

But you can?
Edit the album, go to Album Cover, and select the Custom field.

It does need an URL though, which can be a PITA when it comes to images online. It should of course accept local images as well…

Ah yes, the dreaded URL caveat - thanks for reminding me why I originally baulked at the idea of attempting to edit in Roon. It would be great if you could just paste a .jpg taken from a webpage…whilst using a tablet. Without that, what with me running a headless Linux-based server, I’ve no option but to add cover art offline from Roon then rescan.

From a tablet or smartphone?

The simplest way would be to use a desktop Roon (Remote) installation for editing, there you can select a picture. There are also other operations that are unavailable or limited on Android\iOS even the landscape UI. The portrait UI is not intended for editing at all, just for viewing/playing content.

From a tablet, an iPad to be specific. I think that’s what @Dave_Woollard asked about in his previous post. :slight_smile:

Is that necessary if you put cover.jpg/folder.jpg files in the affected folders?
I can imagine a Rescan of the particular album would suffice, but perhaps thats what you meant.

Sorry, yes, I meant that I’d need to paste into the same folder as the wav files (in my case) then reconnect the SSD caddy to my server before finally rescanning.

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I guess the use of a Windows-based server would be more flexible in this regard, but I simply can’t abide all the updates!

Sticky preferences. When I select a sort order, keep it that way! All pages that have sorts.


Chromecasts and webcast displays appropriate for classical music. Namely, composers prominent, full work names, current part names and artists. I don’t think there is one display template for all genres.

Drag and drop that actually works!

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No. The use of a Windows Based client PC (or Mac). The server OS itself has no bearing on this.

I’ve done it many times on my iPad mini 2.

I do that routinely (iPad and Nucleus): find the album online with the iPad, copy, go to edit album, add image, and Paste the URL.

What is not possible this way is to add an image you have locally, like a scan album cover: this iPad technique requires a URL.

(I guess you could get your own website, put the art there, Get a URL to it, etc… I have a photo website, I could try that. Nah, I never scan album covers.)

Yeah, because like tablets have no storage man. We’d rather you go sit at a PC tethered to a desk. You couldn’t possibly think a tablet is a viable alternative now could you.

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I am unable to service my collection of music files on a headless Sonictransporter i7 (Linux) server, hence my comment that a Windows based server (or Mac) would be more convenient as I could edit my library without the need to disconnect my SSD caddy, make adjustments then rescan. What I’d like is to be able to easily add album art to my Roon library using an iPad, but as I said a few posts ago, we are talking first world ‘problems’ here, and as has previously been stated, there is at least the ‘URL option’.

And what I meant is that against a Linux based server, all you need to have is a Windows or Mac PC running the Roon client to do all the editing. No different than if a Windows machine was running the GUI-less RoonServer.

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I copy and paste Album Art on my iPad Air from time to time. No URL necessary. I usually get the art from Amazon and then paste it in.