Is there a work around to run Roon Core on Windows laptop that does not support OpenGL 3.0

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Windows 10 laptop

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Description Of Issue
Just today, I got the fatal error about OpenGL 3.0 not supported. My Intel HD graphics card doesn’t support.

Thing is, I don’t even need to see the screen on the laptop running Core, I use other devices as remotes. Is there a work around?

Does Roon Server do what you need?

I don’t know? What is the diff between server and core?

From the KB article: Software packages


✓Control ✓Core ✓Output

An all-in-one solution that includes control, core, and output functionality. Choose this package if you only have one computer that manages your music library and connects to your audio outputs (wired via USB or over the network).

NOTE: This package requires OpenGL 3.0 to run the custom graphics engine that powers Roon. If your machine does not support OpenGL 3.0, as an alternative you can install Roon Server and control it with Roon Remote on your mobile device.

Roon Server

✓Core ✓Output

Roon Server is for those who want to install Roon on a machine with no monitor or graphical interface. This machine will still manage music library and audio outputs, but because it has no graphical user interface, it requires another device for control. After installing Roon Server on your headless machine, you can install Roon Remote on your mobile device or laptop to control Roon Server. You can read more about Roon Server here.

I’ll try server

My understanding is it’s exactly the same but without the graphical front end, so I wouldn’t expect it to check OpenGL on startup. I think it’s probably what you need, but with the caveat that you might need something other than a phone to run the remote in order to get access to the full configuration options.

The process to swap is likely to make sure you have a database backup, uninstall Roon, install Roon Server, then restore the backup; but pretty sure there will be a comprehensive write up in the knowledge base. Definitely check because I might have missed something important! Don’t be surprised when nothing appears to happen when you launch Roon Server - it’s sat in the background waiting for you to fire up a remote. There is an option from the taskbar to run as a process on boot/login.

Edit: I type too slow…

FAQ: How do I move my library over to RoonServer? How do I run headless?

For some options one actually needs a PC running Windows or OS X because, even on tablets that support the landscape UI, not all options are available:

If one is affected by this limitations depends on the individual use cases.

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Hi @Diego_Estan,

As suggested above, installing RoonServer should do the trick here. If you have any questions about getting this set up please let us know!

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