Over 400 reports of corrupted and dead Roon systems is not “rather rare” in my book

OK, I see your delimma.

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Well fudge!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I clicked on “View Details” on the message I get when I open Roon on my iPad, and it took me to the “About” page where it indicated the update has already downloaded and is just waiting for me to restart the core. :confounded:

BTW, the settings you pointed out are apparently not accessible using my iPad. I guess it’s just accessible using a computer. :roll_eyes: I don’t understand why Roon won’t give full access to settings using tablets. I rarely use our PC; it’s a PITA to boot it up just to access some settings. :-1:

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Keeping fingers crossed for you… :wink:


Thanks. :grinning:

I’ll try to be extra careful not to restart the core before I’m ready. :astonished:

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Murphy will bring you an overnight power outage… :rofl:

It’s sad but true*, the desktop Roon versions are the only ones that support all features of Roon. See also:

* “Sad But True” by Metallica on Metallica


Eeek! Don’t say that! We are expecting a storm front to move through overnight.

If I have problems, I’m blaming you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin:

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Thanks for that. I already added my vote to that some time ago. :+1: No love from Roon though.

I rarely use a “computer” at home. 99.9% of the time I use my iPad.

I booted up the computer and checked. It was set to automatically download “bug fixes and minor updates”, so I changed it as you suggested.

Of course this doesn’t help with the current update automatically downloading, but will give me more control in the future.

Thanks. :+1:

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HW failure for db corruption is a false pretext. LevelDB is the culprit: it has a history of database corruption bug.

If HW failure really occured, we would have bad consequences outside of Roon.

The worst is the justification: it’s not Roon’s fault for using a technology prone to corruption but it’s yours, in rare cases, your HW. And then radio silence: we don’t know if Roon is looking at workaround and if you ask for a discount or commercial gesture, no sound no picture.

That’s not a great customer experience.


This is crap for the circa 400 affected. But 400 out of 250,000 is a very low failure rate for any organisation rolling out a major update like this. Especially when the update is designed to seek out the unlucky 400 with corruption. While optics are bad and it sucks for the 400, it is actually not a bad result overall and will prevent future failures.
Finally you can’t continue if you have corrupt db’s. You have to start again. Sadly barring some miracle that seems to me to be the only viable option to me.


I have resigned myself to that fact and are putting in time to bring a fresh database back to how I had it before, i.e. number of albums reported has to match how my library is scanned & indexed by a UPnP server just based on the metadata, less than 100 out of 7,000 albums not identified, no duplicates, etc. but the time investment required to do this is huge. And some elements are just lost forever.


Is it 250000 or 2500000?

This is how threads can get totally blown out of proportion and misconstrued.


What’s an order of magnitude between friends :wink:


This is the thing. If your DB was corrupt, until 880, you didn’t know. One day, some event would touch this corruption, and you’d be smoked - with a call for support where the solution would be “delete your corrupted DB and start over”. Kinda sucks, but I think this is where we’re at for those unlucky 400 users.

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Indeed backup every time on removable media before any update, and always update all the clients first, core last, one incident that Roon released core update faster than approval from Google App Store and Apple App Store, all the clients can’t see and operate on new core version for a short while until new version of remote became available.

Where did 250,000 customers come from, looking back through threads Roon said in 2019 they have a target of 100,000 for 2020. What HiFi did a review of Roon in 2020 where they also put the number at 100,000.

With a turnover of $5 million that would suggest 50,000 subscribers and possibly another 50,000 who purchased lifetime licences.

Back in February, @danny wrote this:

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So, 880 will be judged as a huge success… I’m thinking there’s really no need to participate in “echo chamber” discussions, as they’re just ignored along with the feature requests.


My new motto!