Roon API First Anniversary Poll

One year has past since the Roon API became available (in beta) with the release of Roon 1.3. Time to celebrate this with a poll on how the Roon API and the extensions that evolved from it impacted you.

Which of the options describes your situation best?
(Have been quite detailed, I hope the number of respondents will exceed the number of options :wink: )

  • I have no clue about the Roon API or extensions
  • I read about it but haven’t used it
  • I gave it a try but it didn’t work out for me
  • I am using one or more extensions
  • I experimented with the Roon API
  • I developed an extension based on the Roon API
  • I published an extension based on the Roon API

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I’m curious to know where we are now that a year has passed.

Please leave a reply with your experiences, or tell what should happen to the Roon API to make it relevant for you in the coming year.

Two of my hobbies are listening to music and developing software (the latter I also do professionally).

When I started using Roon this gave a boost to my music listening because it let me rediscover my music collection. But with using Roon (or software in general) I occasionally run into issues or encounter missing functionality and then I always feel the need to take action on this.

The arrival of the Roon API gave me the opportunity to make the connection between my hobbies. I searched this community forum to get ideas for what to develop, things that I can use myself but that are also of interest to this community. I really enjoyed turning these ideas into extensions and sharing them with you all.

My plan is to continue development in the coming year and I hope that the functionality of the Roon API will extend and that it will become of use to more community members.

PS You can checkout my extensions via my profile.


Let me add a third hobby to that: home automation. This is not about turning off the lights via internet, or being able to control your music via phone. It’s all about integrating those things in a meaningful way. And at least for me, the Roon API plays a critical time in that.

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I haven’t given it much thought yet, even though it is something that interests me.

Hi Boris,

until recently, I used Sonos devices, and these had a useful plug-in for my SmartThings application. Just basic transport controls but better than nothing (track playing is always ‘Roon.FLAC’ :slight_smile: ) . I have just started using actiontiles and would love something similar for that platform but for Roon. I have a spare Pi to run node.js on now so will get started with something (not sure what) from the Tinkering section shortly.

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I’d like to thank all who have already voted, the results give at least an impression on the usage of the API and extensions.

My plan is to close the poll by the end of next week, and then repeat it next year. Would be interesting to see how the API usage progresses.

For those who haven’t voted yet, please do!

The respondents indicating that they either ‘have no clue about the Roon API’ or ‘read about it but haven’t used it’ add up to more than 50%. For those who want to know more, or want to give it a try…

I run a project called the Roon Extension Manager, which has the goal to make extensions available to more users. I just added some more information to the Home page of the Wiki, hoping that it can act as a starting point.

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