Roon API languages + docs

Will there be a C library available?

Is there documentation on the network protocol and packet format?

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Documentation yes, C maybe

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If you are going to port it to a proper language, I vote for Go or Python

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We use C# internally, so we’re going to need at least a library for that for our own use. We’ll presumably open-source it once it’s reasonably stable, however far into the future that is.

Thanks. +1 for C if you could. C++ is ok too, basically a library I can link against on a Raspberry Pi or Linux PC.

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I’ve been working through the JS examples on git and trying to reverse engineer the SOOD and MOO message formats that are sent/received over UDP. It’s tedious as I’m not a JS expert, C/C++ and ASM is my comfort zone. Can you share your C++ header files with definitions of the message formats and available server commands & parameters?

I’m creating a C library to use, initially to use on a Pi, to display current song/cover art/etc. on the HDMI out. However with a decent library it will be easy to use on any small embedded device with a network connection for a variety of cool things (remote mute/volume/etc).

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Any progress on this front/would you be willing to share? I’d love to have access to a C/C++ library to mess around with

Me too. I would be interested into anything that can be easily bound to a native IOS app.

I guess a small C lib would be the most portable option. Weird a node js lib was provided first.

Hi, I’ve been capturing packets using Wireshark and came across this thread. I’d love to have access to your WIP @Peter_Koster. Did you have any luck?