Roon API MediaStream

(J C) #1

@Jan_Koudijs I think you’re the most likely person to know how to do this.
Is there any way I can have the audio through a zone/output as a js stream that I could play out of a webpage hosted form the extension?

(Mike Plugge) #2

The Roon API is for the control plane only. It shows data about the music that is playing and lets you do some playback control. There a volume, queue, and zone management features.

The data plane which carries the audio is not exposed through the Roon API. So, no streaming to a web client…

(Bastian) #3


How comfortable are you with coding?

I have managed to do what you want to do, although output to Audirvana instead of to webstream.

There are quite a few steps to set it up and it is vey rigid that every little change in Roon will break it.

(J C) #4

I’m pretty comfortable. JS isn’t my strong point but with a little guidance I’ll definitely give it a go.