Roon API - place of truth :-)

Dear community,

Is “” the official Roon API and documentation?

That is the official Roon Javascript API library, and all the docs we have posted publicly. The actual API can be accessed over websockets or a simple TCP connection, but we haven’t published documentation for how it works exactly. We have some docs for the actual API internally, but they’re not in a state where we can just publish them right now.


I have some general questions about node-roon-api.

  • Is there some development going on with this library?
  • Does documentation of browsing service exist? I cannot find it here:
  • Can we expect more documentation in the future?

We’d like to integrate roon in a smart home app, so the content browsing would be very important.

Thank you.

You can definitely browse the library via the API as the Web controller extension already available allows this.

Hi Ben, since it’s been a while: is there any kind of roadmap for the extension of the API documentation? - especially regarding Jure’s question about queue management here: How to implement queue management?